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Granny's Wishes

Hey little girl, hey pretty little girl
Granny would love to give you a whirl
You are my most beautiful priceless pearl
Apple of my eye as heart goes into a loopy whirl


Hey girl, hey pretty little girl with the tiniest wrist
You hold my thumping heart in your delicate pink fist
We are all your captives, your slaves from day one
You hold the key of our kingdom, all our hearts won

Hey girl, hey pretty little girl with the darkest hair
You filled us with wonder as you emerged from your lair
Hey baby girl, swaddled in white and bundled in a cocoon
Finally beholding your gorgeous face we are over the moon


Hey little girl, my little princess and prima Donna
You are our blessing from the heavens, our manna
may the sun warm, rain fall soft, helping hand be near
May you know only happiness and never know fear


May the joys and hearts that surround you be pure and true
May faith hope, charity  fill your heart and sky above be blue
May blessings of loved ones help you overcome all life’s hurdles
May God above keep you safe in the palm of his hands, my angel


Time And Tide (on Earth Day)

Time and Tide

Baby is born with fists shut tight
Holding destiny with all its might
Opening eyes to see world wondering
Time clock of heartbeats starts ticking

Helplessness of feeding to biting milk teeth
Sands of time obliterate footprints beneath
Monthly waxing and waning of  the moon
Crosses growth phases of life all too soon

Peaking in maturity of body mind over span of time
Reverse turnaround of hourglass begins to chime
Make a mark and leave a legacy worth leaving behind
It is an emphatic fact that time and tide forever grind 

Let self go into a free fall
Responding to the Muses call
Create something as a wordsmith
Weaving magic with mind herewith

Use your life to make a difference
Using your unique skills as reference
Let every moment count, living on this earth
There is a paucity of joys n of grief, no dearth

Let none rob your spontaneity or voice throttle
Heed only to inner voices keeping mind agile
Give, share worldly goods n donation of time
As this is all that will go with you and not a dime

Lets repair the damage done to our Mother earth
Conserve cleanup for her rebirth for all its worth
Lets return the love of this universal mother of ours
Measure for measure healing all our inflicted scars

Lets attempt a time travel when mother earth was sublime
A paradise where all creatures lived in harmony sans grime
Lets attempt a miracle and return her to her pristine beauty
As this is the only justice that behooves us  n is our sacred duty

Happy Earth Day All!

(all pictures are from internet- disclaimer)

Just Inches…

Constricted airways
Panic rush in waves
Asphyxiating gasps
Air gulps hit impasse
Panic digs deeper alas
Inhalations cannot pass

Eyes popping out
Hands flail about
Heartbeats strikeout
Nightmarish reality
Life signs losing vitality
Body thrashing twitchy

Death nano seconds away
Ironically life is sweet today
YOU know best is what I pray
Magically returning from dead
Oxygen reviving heart and head
Death makes a u-turn as it fled

Just inches separate death and birth
The journey is not a bag full of mirth
We can try our best for what its worth
Just inches…
            Just seconds..
                     Just moments.
All seemed like eons!!


Deafening Silence

(picture from internet)

Deafening Silence

(post eruption- its anatomy)


Mutely speaking in volumes
Tearless eyes capturing views
Unspoken queries sans vocal plumes
Emoting covertly responsive fumes


Cauldron of seething red suppression
Transgressions n many an aggression
Rooting and biding to erupt in passion
Readied and honed, crafted to perfection


Pain radiated rippling to skin’s every pore
Body and soul writhing scarred even more
Verbal whips broke naïve heart grievously 
Survived sanely muffling sobs constantly


Shielding wounds raw not healing
Past exploitations now acknowledging
Betrayals and pseudo charms revealing
Biding, bated breath- for finally keeling


Fiery acidic emotions gut wrenching
Ready to vent explosively selves exposing
Molten emotions, negative debris of senses
Manifesting forcefully in deafening silences


Wounds at last allowed to heal not bleeding
Cleaned, swabbed, bandaged after cauterizing
Meditative peace, harmony oneness achieving
Comforting silence wrap, shroud like donning


Cleansed, no longer intense,
Peace within without
Oneness with universe
Bliss, nirvana, om.

The humble and meek are thirsting for blood.
Joe Orton English, Playwright

The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights.
Albert Einstein 1879-1955, German-born American Physicist


It’s going to be fun to watch and see how long
the meek can keep the earth once they inherit it.
Kin Hubbard American, Journalist


Negroes – Sweet and docile, Meek, humble, and
 kind: Beware the day – They change their mind.
Langston Hughes American, Poet


To resort to power one need not be violent, and to speak
 to conscience one need not be meek. The most effective
 action both resorts to power and engages conscience.
Barbara Deming American, Author


 Mourn not the dead that in the cool earth lie, but rather
 mourn the apathetic, throng the coward and the meek who
 see the world’s great anguish and its wrong, and dare not speak
. – Ralph Chaplin


Meek wifehood is no part of my profession;
I am your friend, but never your possession.
Vera Brittain English, Writer


Deafening Silence
 By  ——Machine Head

When she looked right into my eyes and said to me
The hurt that you try to hide is killing me
I drink a thousand lies,
To freeze the past in time
I’ve tried to fill this silence up
But now it’s back again

See the pain in my eyes
See the scars deep inside
My God, I’m down in this hole again
With the laughter I smile
With the tears that I cry
Keep going down this road called life

Called life…

When she says that I’m insecure,
I guess she’s right
‘Cause just when I think
I’m sure, alone at night
The agonies come back,
This pain won’t let me be
I try to fill the silence up
But now it’s back again

See the pain in my eyes
See the scars deep inside
My God, I’m down in this hole again
With the laughter I smile
With the tears that i cry
Keep going down this road called life
Don’t need your sympathy
I just want for this silence
To stop killing me

It’s deafening
It’s deafening
This silence inside me

It’s deafening
It’s deafening
The silence inside me
The silence inside …

I try to fill the silence up
But now it’s back again
It’s empty like a suicide
This pain inside

See the pain in my eyes
See the scars deep inside
My God, I’m down in this hole again
With the laughter I smile
with the tears that I cry
Keep going down this road called life
Don’t need your sympathy
I just want for this silence to stop killing me.

note: this song’s lyrics got stuck in my head!!

Shrine Of Love- Taj Mahal

(Pictures from internet- Disclaimer)

 Shrine of Love -Taj Mahal 
I am the tear drop of a grieving lover
A magnificent declaration of his ardor
A marble symphony by maestro carvers
A magnum opus, an aria by Wagner to savor

I am the tomb royal of departed Mumtaz Mahal
I change many hues like her moods  that dapple
I am homage to Shah’s Queen that held him  in thrall
My exquisite inlaid work n crafting do my visitors enthrall

I am one of the declared seven wonders of the world
Global admirers are amazed as my beauty is unfurled
Like unveiling of a blushing bride under many covers
My beauty too unfolds in layers beckoning in whispers

I am the legendary love epic’s poetry in marble, a tomb immortal
Lovers exchange vows before me with faces lit like candles
Yet for all my magnificence and breathtaking glory
I am tainted by amputated limbs of craftsmen, a fact gory

I am piece de resistance, an epitome of architectural magnificence
For centuries I am a benevolent provider to many folks in silence
As visitors stand n behold me in awe they forget my real significance
I am a symbol of death, a tomb signifying all life ends as it is transient 

 I am the tear drop of a grieving lover
A magnificent declaration of his ardor
A marble symphony  by maestro carvers
A magnum opus, an aria by Wagner to savor


All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.
Frank Lloyd Wright American, Architect Quotes


The poet Rabindranath Tagore has perhaps said it best of all:
“You know Shah Jahan, life and youth, wealth and glory, they all drift away in the current of time. You strove therefore, to perpetuate only the sorrow of your heart. Let the splendor of diamond, pearl and ruby vanish. Only let this one teardrop, this Taj Mahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time, forever and ever.”


Notes on Taj Mahal:(from internet)
 Work began on the Taj Mahal in 1632. For twenty-two years, 20,000 workers from India, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and Europe labored to construct the Taj Mahal. Spread over an area of 42 acres (17-hectare) the total cost of construction came out to be approximately 32 million Rupees. The site was chosen near the capital Agra, on the southwest bank of the River Yamuna. Although it is not known for sure who planned the Taj, the name of an Indian architect of Persian descent, Ustad Ahmad Lahori, has been cited in many sources.
Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and costly tombs in the world. The Mughal Emperor Shahjahan ordered it built in memory of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1629A.D.
Islamic architecture, in its purest form, is epitomized by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s Taj Mahal. Work started on this movement in 1634 continued for almost 22 years. Situated in the city of Agra in India, on the banks of the river Yamuna, the Taj is enclosed in a garden amongst fountains and ornamental trees.The walled complex includes two mosques and an imposing gateway. The tomb is encased in white marble which is decorated with flawless sculptures and inlaid design of flowers and calligraphy cut from precious gems. Below the dome in a dimly lit chamber lie the mortal remains of Shahjahan and beloved wife, queen Mumtaz Mahal, reminding the world of their undying love. It rests on a platform of red sandstone . At each corner of the platform stands a slender minaret (prayer tower). Each tower is 133 feet high . The building itself is 186 feet square. A dome covers the center of the building. It is 70 feet in diameter and 120 feet high. Passages from the Muslim holy book, Quern, decorate the outside. Built in charming environs, the Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful architectural work in the world. Without doubt, The Taj Mahal ranks as amongst the most perfect buildings in the world, flawlessly proportionate, built entirely out of marble. Intended to be a commemoration of the memory of Shahjahan’s beloved wife , in reality it is his gift to entire human race.

After the construction…
     The construction of the Taj commenced in 1631 and was completed in1653.Workers were gathered from all over the country (India) and centralAsia.The main architect was Isa Khan. Shahjahan cut off the hands of the workers after the completion of the Taj so Mahal that no one would ever be able to build such a marvelous monument again.
Did Emperor chop off workers’ hands? Another popular belief associated with the Taj Mahal is that Shah Jahan chopped off the hands of all 20,000 workers who toiled for almost 22 years on the monument. This, the legend says, was done so that the same hands could not build another monument like the Taj, though historians claim to have found no evidence to this effect. Interestingly, some of the names that crafted the world’s most famous monument to love were found by the Archaeological Survey of India on the boundary wall on the southeast and northeast of the Taj Mahal last year. The motifs with the laborers’ signatures included swastikas, tridents, cymbals, stars and flowers. “So far, we have identified 671 motifs that include 350 signatures of the laborers. The symbols might have been etched by the workers either in the course of their work or after its completion,” D. Dayalang, Agra circle’s superintending archaeologist, was quoted as saying. — A.S.

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