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On Valentine's Day

Her heart went pitter-patter,
Listening to his chitter chatter
His love made her mad as a hatter,
In his presence all ceased to matter!!

His entrance into her life was by fluke
He had lost his way in his old Buick
His family and friends called him duke,
His good looks had made her mute

Love struck at first sight, both smitten hard,
Songs gushed out of them like the Bard
They serenaded each other without guard
Lying in a hammock, in the backyard

Vows for eons, were taken with fervor
Plans to marry made with endeavor
Family and friends, upon wedding over
Blessed them with happiness forever

Cupid’s arrow intact, love was not rued
But now, time tested, was proven true
Love transcended all, fueling friends’envy,
As they bade them,  one final adieu

Then out of the blue a car hit him and he lay
In a pool of blood n broken bones, one fine day
Her sixth sense rushed him to the ER, bemused
And she prayed very hard kneeling in the pews

His injuries made recovery slim,
They said with faces very grim
She refused to give up and dug in
And prayed harder, with a defiant chin

Her heart cajoled him into fightin’
For his life and never to give in
Her brave soul prayed for a miracle,
Doing penance tenaciously digging in

Yet the priest came in, when suddenly
She was given hope by a vision heavenly
She flew to her lover’s bedside swiftly
With renewed faith and god’s signalling

Begging the doctors to revive him with hope
Trying all manner of tricks within their scope
Her love bore fruit even as she secretly moped
He regained consciousness whilst death vainly groped

Everyone was happy, marveling and full of wonder
Their love so great that even death could not asunder
Now they relished each other n every moment with vigor
Their ties so strong that even time could not sever!!!
I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you
– Roy Croft


The Term sweet Is….

non committal
I would rather be….

sticking out
getting under skin

As it proves….

my being
my existence
am an entity
that I am there
not overlooked
easily noticed
making a difference
happen what may
rather than
having no impact at all!
Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous, you get knocked down by traffic from both sides
– Margaret Thatcher


Tongues tied up in knots
Words congealed, curdled
Thoughts reined in jerkily
Scattered helter-skelter
Faces turned beetroot red
And both eyes opened wide as
Eyebrows became semi circles
And the mouths formed a perfect O

The subject of the hot gossip came in
And stood vis a vis with all the crowd
Unawares of having provided rich fodder
For all to chew over, ruminate and opine
As they wondered over his new found spine
His change of personality and the smooth line
His new clothes and gifts of flowers and wine
To his beloved who’d spurned him time after time!
The adoration of his heart had been to her only as the perfume of a wild flower, which she had carelessly crushed with her foot in passing.
– – – – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


I stood in church before the majestic deity
A coin held out in my tiny palm for the almighty
Eyes shut tight, fervently promising him and
Cajoling, to barter the coin for good grades
A wish, the almighty gladly accepted and granted

This trade went on year after year till graduation
Favors bestowed easily fueling all my aspirations
Thus with my faith intact and a handful of coins
Fetched me a college degree, paving the way to
Career successes, provided lady luck did not frown

However, this wishing habit had conditioned me so
That for all things great or small, at once had me go
Before the almighty, with a coin, a smile and a candle
All props used by me shamelessly and held out to dangle
For granting of boons but the end result was always blissful

This godly commerce reached its limit one day and came to a halt
My demand was so great, that all my offerings fell far too short
My wish was too outrageous and this the almighty had to thwart
The boon was denied and I accepted my denial without a contort
But I was bereft for being forced to have all my plans abort

I wept because I had received God’s benediction, always, and
This denial was a body blow and at wit’s end I was full of dismay
I tossed coins in wishing wells, eagerly hoping, but to no avail
I failed to get my wish, even after launching my efforts fullscale
The Almighty one did not relent despite all my travail

Now, after a span of time, I’ve come to realize my mistake
My rejection was a blessing in disguise,is now my take
For, I would be dead now, as was the current incumbent
The head of state, that I had wished for with great intent
The Almighty had not deserted me, as had been my lament!!!
“May your every wish be granted.”- Ancient Chinese Proverb