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Déjà vu

A sense of knowing, of having met before
Time and place are elusive yet
The certainty of having met before is
Very real, sureness tinged with awe
A recognition emanating from the deep
Down clouded spaces, escaping through
Chinks of the eroded subconscious
Oozing to the surface like tiny rivulets
Rushing to meet head on and merge
Without hesitation, or reservation
A persistent feeling of déjà vu
Powerfully pushes forward with
A force of a gale wind into the
Arms of the stranger and in that moment
In time, each one dissolves his entity
Uniting in the throes of the sense of deja Vu!
Spirit unites with spirit sans combustion and
Then emerge and separate to go it alone
Once again

“Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.”
Stephen Wright quotes (American Actor and Writer, b.1955)

Letting Go

Letting go is hard to do, truly

Heartstrings are very strong, sinewy

Chopping them away, chipping

Bit by bit, is painfully dewy

Letting go is hard, very hard truly!

The nest is empty, quite threadbare

Sightings of flown birds is very rare

Memories flooding the mind’s eyes

Give joy, then pain of loosened ties, as

Hope is overcome yet again by welling woes!

This is the nature of the beast, I know

Comprehension loses as it refuses to kowtow

To unrequited parental love that we must mow,

Bundle it out like flowers, without a blazing row

Shedding petals after bloom, without reaching a low

Harden our hearts, and bite the bullet we must

Make resolutions that will not bite the dust

But give us courage, to let go that we must

Or else happiness will elude making life cursed

Letting go will give peace n life will not be a bust!!!

Letting go is hard, very hard, but we must!!

Children aren’t happy with nothing to ignore, and that’s what parents were created for.

Ogden Nash
1902-1971, American Humorous Poet