Archive for September 2002:


His path was even  and smooth
his looks were suave and couth
he was a stranger to any hardship
Life had turned him into his lordship!

his ego refused to accept defeat
he was always game for any feat
thus time sped by on fleeting wings
Yet he was unaware on the nature of things!

Life served a curved ball one day
it was a hot day in the month of May
he fell off his horse in such a way
his spine got injured as he lay

now his lordship had to face hardship
As his memories took him for a trip
he saw faces becoming crestfallen n sad
due to his behavior both callous and bad

as he lay supine they came to haunt him
he felt they had come to taunt him
he was hoist on his own petard
Life finally forcing him to think hard

he promised the almighty above
he would mend his ways and love
all creatures great or small without rancor
upon receiving benevolence n succor

once this pact was made it acted like a balm
he suddenly felt at peace and quite calm
his spirit was charged and he put up a fight
soon getting on his feet full of vigor n might

his arrogance now a thing of the past
life had taught him a lesson hard n fast
the almighty now smiled upon him once again
And soon he recouped his lost grace and fame!
“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small parcel”.
-Thought for the Day,  BBC Radio
-Pat Elphinestone