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The Gift

My heritage I preserve with great care
For I am its sole trustee and beneficiary
My dad spent but a few years with me
But upon passing, left behind a legacy
Fit for a king…

A bright smile
A sprinkle of cheer
A sense of independence
A bit of courage n stiff upper lip
A never say die attitude
An insatiable curiosity n adventure
A lack of diffidence n shyness
A spirit to carry-on happen what may
An implicit faith in god and myself
A sense of fearlessness n bravado
A strong family feeling
A sense of humility
A feeling of kindness for the underdog
A strong sense of right from wrong
A clear as crystal conscience

All these are my priceless heredity
Imparted with love and imbued happily

Thus my legacy will never deplete
But multiply and grow with me!

The Couple

There were stars in her eyes
There were tiny bells on her ankles
In a mist of white veil, and flowers
Champagne, church bells n good wishes
They started their life together with
Great fanfare, dreams and promises.

Honeymoon was soon over when
Mundane life with its mundane chores
Soon took over falling into a routine
Their best shoe forward was a thing
Of the past as busy life scooped them up
In its vortex placing them in its grind

Passions of love and loving wore thin
Getting ragged at the edges n soon eroded
Giving way to impatience and anger
His mask slipped displaying his true colors
And he started scoring points at home
Compensating for his losses abroad

She loved him dearly and tried to find him
In this hard stranger who was so embittered
Working out his inadequacies by being
Mean and nasty and subduing her mentally
She bore it all while trying to cope with this
Phenomenon who entered her life unsuspectingly

The cozy home she longed for became a prison
Matters became worse when mental torture
Was soon followed by physical abuse as well
She cowered and cried in shame in the dark
Covering her bruises and being mortally afraid
Furious n mortified for letting this happen to her.

She had a very low threshold for pain
Which had led to this monster’s success
She had to find courage to beat this scourge
That had robbed her of her persona n dignity
God’s grace and a helping hand and a bold step
Must deliver her from this Bermuda Triangle!

The Forsaken

Her smile once made many swoon
Now it was endearing in its diffidence
Her hair was salt and pepper and curly
Her face was wrinkled and full of character
Her back was still ramrod despite its years
Her toothless smile was warm n beckoning
She was the doyen of her family
Three generations under the same roof

The patriarch, her counterpart and mate
Was frail of body but sharp of mind
Having lived countless summers
His flesh had become quite weak
Yet his spirit was indomitable
His courage refusing to accept defeat
From the wracking pain of his sick body
He was a storehouse of pills of all sizes!

They had nurtured their two sons lovingly
Making many sacrifices to provide for them
Going almost threadbare to clothe them
Feed them n give them the best of education
This head start in life was their gift to their sons
Who flourished and became successful overnight
With their blessing n soon had families themselves
Their better halves hailing from good backgrounds.

The son’s wives had their own individuality
Different styles and norms of functioning
Old rules, regulations and routines became passe
The reins had changed hands with the change of guard
The older generation was now relegated to the backseat
The grandparents well- meaning advice and suggestions
Were soon considered interference and became unacceptable
And the sons unable to defend them asked them to leave!

The old couple gathered the remnants of their dignity
Hugged the little ones and bade tearful good-byes
They had to restart with the old man needing constant care
They were defenseless yet unbowed by this blow of fate
Their own flesh and blood had betrayed n forsaken them
They found haven in the shelter for the homeless
Living bravely without bitterness, freely giving out love
To all the needy n bereft who made them feel wanted n cherished!

Now during these twilight years at the fag end of life, happily
They watched it ebb away, moment to moment, inch by inch…..

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.-Mother Teresa
1910-1997, Albanian-born Roman Catholic Missionary

The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.-Oscar Wilde  1856-1900, British Author, Wit

The Fledgling

In life’s spring she was a bud
Full of great promise n mystery
Her innocence was refreshing
Her laughter quite invigorating
She was the apple of her dad’s eye
Loved by one n all, unreservedly.

Spring followed on its heels by summer
Made a quick exit, clouding the deep blue sky
Her life’s weather too changed abruptly
A stranger  visiting from another country
A family friend welcomed by all n sundry
Becomes the focus of their attention, suddenly

Always basking in love and warmth
Her loss is his gain, drawing her inwards
Her joie de vivre dissipates n her feet turn to lead
Her shiny face  turns sallow and lack-luster
Belying her once glowing pink cheeks
Blighting all the promise in her.

What is ailing this delicate bloom
Who has wiped the laughter from her face
Why do her eyes look old and knowing
Who has marauded and plundered her person
Why are her shoulders drooping n her head bowed
Why is this girl-child a woman overnight?