Darning times’ torn patches Few swatches emerged To the fore, noisily

Turgid tempers fanned by hot punishing Summers were mollified by impromptu Dunks under frigid water hand pumps

Speeding like a runaway train Memories Diorama’d  a 360 Degree visual before pensive eyes

Images of our tiny pouty mouths Cooled by myriad flavored ices Chilled melon slices, mango shakes

Long suffering staircases heaving sighs Of relief as day folded knees to curl Into another fetal position, blissfully

Freshly showered brushed readied then final doss downs in inviting rows of white sheeted  rough hewn charpoys

Lying horizontal, face up eyes’d widen As mouths cried “Oh” at  enchanting sight Of myriad twinkles from sensuously winking sky

Hastily running head count of day’s highs, lows Moments of laughter, I’d guiltily recall and roll on tongue like ice-cubes newly learnt swear words

Shiny most stars would become cynosure of my Childish eyes, wondering if they were our dear Departed who’d singled us out for “look sees”

I’d express my love repeating how much I missed Them and hoped they were happy prior to slipping Seamlessly into the Never, Never land counting stars in worry free sleep~ ~


images of *Charpoy* and night sky are from the internet


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