Dante’s Inferno and Florence


Dan Brown’s Inferno and Florence Italy – on visits and associations

Of late I’d been thinking I suffer from ADD but when I just finished Inferno by Dan Brown in a day and half – I felt I am finally getting back to my old form.

Hugely enjoyed Inferno especially as I’ve just visited all those places in Florence mentioned in the book and it came vividly alive for me –it was as if I had a firsthand experience. There is simply nothing to top that “cat licked cream” kind of delicious feeling than when you visit a city and experience it blow by blow in tandem with a book that features around the very same city. After Da Vinci code, I had visited Paris with greater excitement and had viewed the glass pyramid in Louvre with newer “enlightened” eyes along with Parisien churches.

I have always been a great aficionado of cloak and dagger whodunits and murder mysteries and Dan Brown’s books with all those ancient symbols and Cyrillic scripts with heady scrambles outsmarting the pursuers made for the best well spent buck for my money. The rustle of turning pages in the dead of night ignoring wind whispers emanating from our backyard, leafy wrestles, rustles and falls, suddenly creaking stairs for no rhyme or reason maybe remembering otherworldly footfalls, everything added an extra “uff” element to this read and am happy to share this here and now.

Just like my dearest young friend Suja said, December is a month of hibernation and reading and that’s what I am going to do.

Seriously avow
I have stacks and
racks of books
to termite
thru’ n thru
with silvery schmear
from my fingers
grinning from
ear to ear
Mentally I’ve retired from work even though my boss won’t hear of it nor agree to it. He has accepted me on my terms and it feels good to be this wanted hence I am not complaining.

Yesterday marked our fifteenth year of togetherness – Ganesh and mine and two calls early morning gave me a bit of good news as well; Even though I am still fuming from being soundly drubbed by Ganesh in a game of scrabble, today is another day and another chance to avenge my defeat.
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