Daddy’s girl


Time like water
Has flown under
Proverbial bridge
Heart still grieves
For not vocalized
Emotions, deeply
You freely showered TLC
On me, family’s youngest
Baby, sidelining elder two
Daughters as your shyness
And propriety prohibited
Such exhibition; their
Loss was my gain
Fallout of this partiality had
Birthed green monsters, brunt
Of which was parried off by my
Razor sharp sarcasm that ultimately
Sculpted, honed apple of your eyes
Into a rebel bookworm scrapper
With inbuilt “Never say die” spirit

I miss and love you very much dad and
Do know that mom and you continue
To hover in spirit around me, guiding
And sheltering from near death mishaps
Still occuring, once too many times
Given a choice, I want you as my dad
During future reincarnations, lifetimes
A Dad is a guy who has snapshots in wallet where his money used to be~ anonymous


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