curtain call


“In the end these things matter most:
How well did you love? How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?” ? Gautama Buddha

Curtain Call

From darkness of womb
Emerging into light, slowly
Spread wings to sample
Smorgasbord of life

Born with eternal creative hum
Ohm wringing in ears I naturally
Gravitated towards melodies divine
Letting them steer my course

Self realization had set in early on,
Hence never lost sight of ultimate goal
And step by step journeyed towards source
Of light burning bright inside

Single step taken externally towards you
Translated into two steps inside, aware
That even as you shine without
You also grace my insides

Pure mantras, psalms and azan calls reverberate
Filling all corners of your beautiful houses of worship
Many a times sung to charm and wheedle favors from you
Their sounds simply delight as I only crave you from you

They say man is crafted in your image and to err is human,
After several trespasses I’ve tried my penitent best to mend
Stoically accepting meted punishments whenever I went astray,
Now head bowed, devoid of attachments I await my curtain call

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