Curling puffs of thoughts (reworked old poem)

 Paisley (inverted tears)
Paisley moments fabricate    Dreams spelling timeless sepia…   Journeys over crossed centuries~
Tangible/intangible – dregs
Instilled childhood learning    Distilled rarefied spirits    Curling breaths in winter
Transient – beauty
Besotted moth hovering bravely over flame     Bee buzzing gleefully over pollen caches     Winged fragility serenading    buds seasonally
Mementos – happiness
Electricity crackling holly laden holiday air Sheer pleasure of fondling brand new clothes   Maternal bliss delivered by hungry     tender lips
Family Vignette – sacrificed love
Soldier’s crisp, smart first tour of duty        Mother’s prayerfully proud goodbye kiss      Father’s pumping, cautioning words in pseudo bliss
Short Span – excitement
Lovers separating in a huff        Expensive cigars’ own immolation     Self deprecating genius cogitating
All tangible,             intangible,                 transient, real,         dusty dregs of life            spent and enjoyed spilling over in retrospection….. ~


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