Crossing Over Part 2

Crossing Over (a short Fiction Story) Part 2

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

William Marcus D’Souza aka Billy was missing his mom Maggie very much.  In his heart he could not reconcile with the fact  that she was gone forever.  There was a big empty hole in his heart and even though he and
Sonia Mehta had gotten even closer due to this tragedy, he was inconsolable.
Billy was an accomplished pianist and he had inherited his musical ear and prowess from his dad Marcus.
  He could also sing very well and had a strong powerful voice.  This he got from Maggie who was
 a wonderful singer.  Together they made magic and he even recalled those magical moments when
they all gathered around the piano and sang and  even though he was only four when his dad died,
 still he did have some memory glimpses like shiny cameos of their time together as a family.
Every year Billy’s company held a charitable ball. The company CEO had adopted an orphanage that
 was run by his close friend.  Since this was a worthy cause and the company also benefited
 due to all the hype and exposure that was given to this event, hence none of the shareholders
Billy had been asked to perform this year also and even though he did not feel like
Singing, still he reluctantly acquiesced.  Right from the day he got the news of Maggie’s demise,
from that day onwards, every night, Billy would kneel down before sleeping and childlike,
 earnestly pray to God to send some signal that both his parents were happy in heaven and that
 they also remembered and missed their son as much as he missed  them.  This one  sided
 conversation continued and he would plead, cajole, cry and even threat to give up prayers
 altogether if God did not heed to him soon.
Finally the gala event was happening and Billy had prepared a few popular songs. He
was also planning to sing his favorite song that his parents used to sing together and which
 he now had a recording of,  which he listened to quite frequently.  He knew it by
heart.  The Ballroom was packed solid  and now it was Billy’s turn to sing.  After warming
up on the piano, Billy started singing his parents’ song in a powerful baritone.
All present were absolutely spellbound by the mesmerizing voice and the sheer poetry
Of the lyrics and the lovely tune it was strung in.  Then the unexpected happened!
Right after the first few lines before beginning the second verse, Billy’s mind went blank!!
 For the life of him, he could not recall anything and he was getting red with
embarrassment.  He was trying to catch Sonia’s eye in the audience when suddenly two
beautiful voices rang out from amidst the audience and which were the next few lines Of the song.
 Billy Immediately continued on cue and finished the song amidst thunderous applause and encores.
 Then, quickly finishing his item and songs, Billy rushed towards the middle of the audience
 and asked those folks to identify themselves who had provided  his cue and helped him
 from loss of face.  But no one confessed.  All were mystified as to who sang that song.
  It was a mystery.
Billy went home and immediately took out his parents recording and started listening to it
 very carefully.  His suspicions were confirmed.  The voices that sang out of the
audience were none other than those of his parents who had come as guardian angels to
help their son in need.  He now realized that indeed God had answered his prayers and
Let him know that his parents were together and happy and were also keeping an eye
On their beloved son in the form of guardian angels.
Billy finally felt a big burden had been lifted from his heart and now he was feeling very
Happy knowing that he was no longer an orphan as his parents were with him in an invisible form
Shortly after that day, Sonia and Billy got married and lived happily ever after.

As the essence of courage is to stake one’s life on a possibility, so the essence of
faith is to believe that the possibility exists.
William Salter
“Faith is the acceptance that we can grasp the reality of a truth, not be fully
understanding of it, but know enough to understand it’s right, it works, it’s perfect.”
Anonymous Anonymous


to be contd…  Part 3


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