As eyes see
Mind perceives
Contoured reality
Formed naturally

Ripples in water
Patterned undulating
Curling quivering desires
Astride ashes from pyres

Vertical curtain of rain
Beating down drains
Washing away grime
Molded over time

Up thrusting holy spires
Skyward floating desires
Of congregation, choirs
Sent forth on wing n prayer

Sprouting grains curved
Thrusting out of fecund earth
Swaying blowing breezily
Embracing life greedily

Swirling licks of flames, fiery
Curling crackling perilously
Inviting with come hither looks
Attracting to contract fatally

Soft sharp undulating hills
Folded crusted at earth’s will
Destiny’s pathways, a drill
Navigate with tracker skill

Wind blowing sharp robust
Punching pummeling gusts
Power packed invisible force, as
Thunder clouds cry selves hoarse

Bright scintillating sun thrills
Glowing disc declaring life grills
Going in cycles round and round
Distilling essence onward bound

Contour lines easy to trace
And store in memory bank
Hard to trace is that one line
From my spirit to my beloved’s place

(picture from internet)


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