Awake at predawn
Emerging from cozy
Cocoon of eiderdown
Feet touch ground~

Night is on “quit” mode
Ready to origami blanket
Front, backyards quicken
With hushed wisps of chatter~

Beginning new “ewe” day
With holy chants on spirit softly
Cascading, I sprinkle idea confetti
In fecund earth of my rested mind

As they gain momentum, sprout
I take up brushes of varied girths
Daub them in nuances and dripping
Pastels of emotional swirls, pearls

With firm hand, I tint each “petal”
Form crocodiles as nursery schools
Ready with cherubic morning faces
To bask in rays of aficionados’ glow

So many gorgeous blossoms, butterflies
Flutter eyelashes, surroundings entice
And then these magnificent unsung coquettes
With brief life spans in obscurity, perish~


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