~my insides are hollow, I eat light~

Emotions given head        Would riot      I keep them   Compartmentalized   In head

Sometimes like  truant children  They trickle out  In a fluid mingle  Tingeing colors, primary

Then all hell breaks loose  as I wring fists in vain      attempting to regain semblance  of control over plethora  of                      churning,   churned feelings

ever on the lookout    for light’s saving graces   be it day or night, always gung-ho  on filtering twinkles and glows     from                starry nights’ moonlight

Call me a thief   Call me a charlatan   Call me a fake  My happy mask   Keeps me sane

Once this comes off  I may not be able  To self- face – a veteran  Of life delivered blows  On plexus again and again

Survive I will, must  Continuing daily drill of thieveries  Dawn’s light, morning’s dew    Glows from lightening, fireflies  Thrill from cheery stars, silvery skies

~my insides are hollow, I eat light~




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