I wish I was
one of those
With eye ever
Fixated on you

The tenuous
reality of life
threading me
to the source
that is you

attached by umbilical
fibers of ancient memories
launched in amniotic
waters of life, fraught
with temptations

I feel like a kite
Dancing high in sky,
Anchored safely to you
Soaring on wing and prayer
never to be let loose

I am that adventurous branch
Off shooting from life’s tree trunk
That is you and when I get overly
Ambitious, primed for a fall, you
sustain by jiggling my memory

You are there, therefore I am
I exist only at your will
At your whim and fancy
Keeping myself real as I behold
Your flame in all and sundry

(pictures from internet)


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  1. lovely

    Submitted by nadi on December 16th, 2010 5:03 am

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