Color of Sadness

Sadness dappled, usual cheery
Face, fanned by dark lashes
Into zebra(ed) grey sashes

Downer yesterday began in colors
Moody blues grey with scant
Distance to rock bottom~

Plastering wobbly smiles and rapidly
Batting lashes valiantly, for a quick
Dry of  misty cloudy dark eyes

Mercurial moods being what they are
With neither rhyme nor rhythm, embraced
Their currents, not bothering to fathom

Then, weather of day turned its face
And a tiny soft hand stole into mine, lifting
Mood from bootstraps to sunny side up

Heart somersaulted and happiness
Jolted currents in sluggish veins arteries
Bearing away sadness as joy flooded

The trust of a grandchild in the magical
Powers of a granny is a sacred covenant
And I was the last one to tear it asunder

Sadness vanished like yesterday’s news
Furrowed forehead beat hasty retreat, dawn’s
Whines decibel (led) to whooping delight as finale

image is from google images


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