color of sadness


image is by Steve McCurry, Italy ~~

Color of Sadness
Without warning…

Sadness dappled zebra
Sashes over usual cheery
Face, fanned by dark lashes
Day begun on high note
became a damp squib
~A fizzled firecracker 

Plastering wobbly smile, rapidly
Batted lashes for a quick dry
Of mist laden eyes


Mercurial moods being what they are
With neither rhyme nor rhythm, embraced
As is, not bothering their fathom


Then, weather did an about face and
A tiny soft hand stole into mine, lifting
Mood from bootstraps to sunshine


Heart somersaulted, happiness jolted
laconic arteries bearing away maudlin
Debris as joyous colors sloshed innards


Trust of a child in magical powers of a granny
Is a sacred covenant and breaking it would
Be bordering on sacrilegious


Sadness folded as stale news, forehead
(un)furrowed heralding an exuberant
New dawn in fresh awakenings


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