Cliché Life – geometrical speak ~

Dipping sleek thought plume
Ramrod, in round mouthed Buddha
Bellied inkwell topper, I etch word
Sketches conjured by quicksilver
Monkey mind  ~

Upright, proud trees, bare
Beauties stark, branches unevenly
Angular, pine for nesting chirrups and
Skirts in breezy greens peppered with
Pointillist cheery reds, orange gobs~

Searching lightening dark night’s
Expanse with fast fading twinkles
Hungrily search for white wedge
Clouds, sharp New York cheddar
Monterey jack ~

Unfolding stiff vertical triangle
On my lap, ease in two round waffles
Inordinately inebriated on syrup
Onto my bone china plate, round~
Diabetic’s nightmare

Flat, rectangular screen beams
Bon jour(s) prior to unleashing
Bad news, hastily rising from oval
Dinettee, I palm remote, oblong, gagging
Newsperson with one swift click

Reverberating beamed mantra chants
Levitate to never, never happy land
Putting spring back into day’s laden
Snow flaked steps, on this cold
Wintry day, at year’s end~


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