City Slickers- Tale With A Twist!

City Slickers

Four adventure bitten city slickers boarded a sightseeing chopper to get a closer view of the Grand Canyon.

Newly minted pilot came too close to the craggy rocks and crashed the chopper.

The four hauled themselves off precarious treetop overhanging and descended on an outcrop ledge passing out.

When they came to, they found themselves in a parallel world, a millennium ahead.  The resident robots tended, mended and tested these human dinosaurs. Then put them to sleep.

The four woke up on top of the Grand Canyon with Park Rangers hovering solicitously.

They felt themselves and found nary a scratch.  All four missed the  minute chips implanted in their brains.

picture are from the internet

have been to Grand Canyon five times in all and it is fascinating!

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