Church Bells Part 5- Conclusion

Church Bells Part 5- conclusion
Meanwhile Mr. Jinx realized it was all alone in the house and meowing mournfully went to wake up Rick.   Rick was a light sleeper and quickly gathered Mr. Jinx in his arms and asked where Jeff and Harry were.   Mr. Jinx jumped out of his arms and seemed to convey to Rick that he should follow him.  Rick came over and upon finding the house empty was further mystified and got his car out, his brow furrowed  with worry and dismay.
He drove along the beach and came across unconscious Jeff and Harry.  He managed to drag them to his  car and drove them to the local hospital.   Luckily except for a minor concussions and mighty headaches  they were both fine in body but were mentally quite disturbed.  They were beset with worry wondering  what sort of creature had they unwittingly unleashed on their beloved Goa and its people.  They had to  capture the mummy somehow containing it skillfully and taking it back from whence it had come.

Upon getting home, they quickly called the merchant from whom they had bought the mummy asking  about its antecedents and origin history.  The merchant promised to enquire and get back to them  on the double.  They gave him 24 hours time tops.  The merchant quickly called a professor friend  and explained his predicament and asked for a solution to this serious problem.  The professor in turn asked for a couple of hours’ time to do some quick thinking and research.  Knowing the  valley from where this mummy was excavated, he pulled up the relevant manuscripts and began reading.

  Soon he was able to find one sentence that seemed like the key to this dilemma.  If the tablet that  was found with the mummy was placed in the sarcophagus (outer shell of the mummy) and the words are  chanted non stop then their power would drag the mummy back to its resting place meaning the sarcophagus  and once in, they should quickly throw in the tablet with the mummy and seal it shut for good once  and for all.  Now the tablet was quickly dispatched to Jeff & Harry by air and they soon had it in their hands. Th e good professor and also written out the chant in English phonetically so that  they could chant it well with full power. 

Harry and Jeff started chanting in real earnest.  Meanwhile Mario with Cleo in his body was running  amok all over the town.  Now suddenly Mario started being pulled  backwards.  People on seeing  this smiled and shook their heads.  Little did they imagine what was going on inside poor Mario.    Soon zombie like Mario/Cleo entered Jeff and Harry’s house and quietly came in and lay down  in the coffin.  Harry and Jeff grabbed Mario and pulled him out of the coffin and threw him  on the floor, next quickly threw in the tablet and shut the coffin tight binding it with strong ropes.

  Cleo had been contained.  They  finally let out a sigh of great relief.
 Mr Jinx too finally seemed to be at peace and quietly lay down to sleep.
  They made arrangements with the merchant and quickly shipped the mummy back
 from whence it had come.

Life was back to normal each enjoying the company of the other with Mr. Jinx sitting in the middle.  Amen.

moral of the story- Do not disturb the dead and

Let the sleeping dogs (mummies) lie:

Lastly do not spook your cat  


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