Church Bells- Part 4 (Mario/Cleo & Mr. Jinx)

Church Bells Part 4 ( Mario/Cleo and Mr. Jinx)
Grabbing their raincoats, they ran in hot pursuit.  Harry yelled to Jeff to get the car out while he gave chase.  Jeff doubled back and saw the cat cowering in its bed-basket near their bedroom.  Mr. Jinx seemed to be terrified out of its wits.  Its mouth had widened like a feral animal.  While talking gently to the cat he grabbed the car keys and ran out.  Soon the car was going at top speed to catch up with the runaway Cleo.  Jeff saw Harry near the beach standing and staring at something.  He braked the car and ran out.
Lying on the beach was the wrappings of the mummy and it innards were missing.  They grabbed the shell wrappings gingerly and carefully placed it in the trunk of the car. They searched high and low for Cleo and /or any telltale signs that may give them some clues
To this deepening mystery.  It was going to be long night.  Meanwhile the sky was
Hell bent on emptying its bladder and they were already soaked to the skin.  Flashing thunder and lightening crisscrossing the angry sky seemed in cahoots with Cleo and making their task more difficult. 

They started walking on the beach at water’s edge constantly scouring the sand with their eyes.  Soon, at a distance, they saw a heap on the beach.  On nearing, they realized it was the village drunk Mario who would drink feni (local toddy) every evening and fall on the beach in drunken stupor.  Rumor had it, his beloved had been married off by her parents to a wealthy NRI Goan and now she lived in Canada and seldom visited home.  Thus the spurned lover was drowning his sorrows hoping to fade away in this manner sooner than later.  They tried to awaken Mario but were not able to do so.  They tried again shaking him vigorously.   Suddenly Mario opened his eyes and both were struck by a most malevolent evil look that they had ever encountered!!.  They recoiled in utmost horror.  They were so shook up that they started to run in the opposite direction involuntarily and now Mario seemed to be giving chase trying to overtake and attack them. 

Running and thinking hard, they both simultaneously realized that somehow the mummy Cleo had entered Mario’s body and now was alive and bent upon wreaking havoc.  These thoughts scared them out of their wits and now they were running for their lives. Cleo seemed to be gaining on them and soon with a mighty leap, Cleo pounced and caught them both with one arm each.  They were shivering and quivering like jellyfish.  All  their euphoria of getting such an exotic exhibit for their very own had long since changed to abject fear and they were ruing the fact  already.  But now regrets were too late in coming.  The dead mummy had been disturbed and by a freak happenstance- the church bells, the midnight hour and lightening bolt had sparked life into it according to the ancient legend of the place where the mummy came from.  Mario was hurling and spitting some strange words and they seemed like curses in an ancient tongue.  Now the mummy with superhuman strength shook them hard and then with a mighty heave tossed them hard on the beach.  They fell down hard losing their senses and Cleo soon ran out of sight.. .
 conclusion in part 5


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