Church Bells- Part 3 (Mummy In Goa)

Church Bells Part 3  (Mummy In Goa )

The shipment arrived at the port in Mumbai Docks.  Jeff and Harry had been alerted by their shipping agent accordingly and so went over there quickly to separate the mummy from the rest of the shipment.  As prearranged with relevant personnel by heavily bribing them, they quickly extricated the mummy and sent it via a private truck carrier to Goa and they followed the truck in their car.  Soon, they reached their destination as they’d driven non-stop and the Mummy entered their house.  They had jokingly christened it Cleo.  

They had already decided the spot for their prized possession and it would stand flush against the wall, under the antique grandfather clock, in the lighted showcase purchased to house the mummy.  Delighted with all this, they happily went next door to collect their other pride and joy, Mr. Jinx.  Rick was reluctant to part with the cat who at once came to Jeff and Harry with alacrity.  The trio returned and the cat went to sit by its favorite perch on the windowsill.  Their housekeeper brought in tea and snacks and they planned their next plan of action.  Both had staggered their workload in such a way that one of them would always be present home whilst the other was busy at work.  The timetable had been worked out with the blessings of their boss who did not have a clue about the mummy and who had maintained that so long as the work was completed in stipulated time, he had no quarrel with their changed work schedule.

After dinner they decided to retire early as they were tired after all the excitement of the day.   The cat in the meantime had already examined the new artifact with great curiosity and had then drifted away.  Oddly it stayed away from this cabinet having sensed something with its cat sense.- meaning something was not right and was making it uneasy.  In fact Mr Jinx clung to them both and they concluded it had missed them- hence allowed it to lie in their bed.

The weather outside changed abruptly and soon there was thunder and lightening and heavy downpour began in earnest.  Grandfather clock struck twelve, the church bells rang and a bolt of lightening flashed and seemed to strike and pass through Cleo.  The cat was already jumpy and now started meowing in earnest.  Suddenly there was the sound of glass shattering which made Jeff and Harry run towards the living room where they saw the cabinet housing Cleo was empty, the glass door lay shattered and there was no sign of their mummy Cleo.  They ran outside and saw the mummy disappearing around the corner!!!

to be contd…..part 4

**Goa is a famous Port on the west coast of India near Mumbai.


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