Church Bells- Part 1

Church Bells    part I
Short story fiction/mystery

Jeff and Harry were childhood friends since their orphanage days…  To overcome their cravings for parental love and affection, they would constantly weave magical tales to keep gnawing hunger and misery at bay.  Both had been blessed with vivid imaginations and after watching National Geographic episodes on the Children’s Home TV- they fell in love with the sense of adventure and thrill that archaeology provided.  They would both avidly lap up all the detailed info imparted by current” in the news” archaeologists and vowed to study hard and become archaeologists themselves.
Time sped by fast and with scholarships and other aid given by local philanthropic organizations, they became full fledged grave diggers aka archaeologists.  As luck would have it, both of them got employment in The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) – the premier institution for the search, study and preservation of cultural heritage in India. Established in 1861, the organization is responsible for implementation of Central Acts concerning the cultural heritage.  Only research institutions, academic bodies and Government Organizations are permitted to undertake archaeological excavations and no individual or private establishments are allowed to undertake archaeological excavations.

  For the next few years they were busy carrying out surveys and digging projects in the foothills of the Himalayas.  In their excavations they had turned up some valuable artifacts, pottery chards and some intricate gold jewelry and pots n pans used 1000s of years ago in that area in River Ganges basin by migratory tribes and indigenous  folks.

One lifelong ambition that Jeff and Harry had was to go to Egypt and participate in one of the ongoing digs there.  To realize this dream, they would send out feelers and letters to various agencies in India and overseas to be part of one such team of archaeologists.
Finally, that fateful day arrived and they received the letter that would change their lives forever….. 

  to be continued part 2


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