Christmas Day 2013

nature's masterpieceFlickr

Strange confluence

Of cultures

Smattering of this

Smidgeon of that


Common thread~


Whichever road

Takes me to you

That one true spark

Something that makes

My being dance with

Inebriated joy


I wholeheartedly

Embrace, accept

Language, caste,

Creed matter not

I’ve found you



Mischievous child’s face

Bounding puppy

Naughty kitten

Dew soaked flowers

Shivering orgasmic

Friendly faces


Lofty Himalayas

Thrashing waves

Crafting rocky crags

Cascading Niagara(s)

Sculpted canyons

Majestic redwoods


All these blaze pathways to you

Driven, involuntarily pulled I start

Walking, then oddly feet turn about

And I find myself walking inside self

Outer fuses with my inner, at peace

I am drenched in your light~
*image is from internet*


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