After an ill-spent  Checkered sleep  Punctuated by hot cocoa, non-  Stop candy crush plays and  Weepy movies finally fell asleep

Woke up to sounds of crowing rooster        In my head that raucously ran around                                                                                     During hopscotch days to school,                 some  things simply make home from life real                                                                            Into memory vaults of imaginative heads

Mornings in those times meant being chased                                 Out of beds, pushed into bathrooms for school                                Freshly made breakfast, cream dollop(ed) milk                             Green ribbons, below knees pleated skirts, red ties                           Awful parrot uniforms that drew mortifying jeers

Sheepish and bruised as we wended way                                          To our fount of knowledge, early morning                                        Chants and calls acted as balm to spirits                                          Soul stirring morning azans, mantra chants                                          And church bells made life a leveled ground

As is my wont,                 I find everything as yin yang                     In life, those eternal twins of darkness, light                                     Spinning coin of life ever settling as heads, tails                              And one that can straddle both with aplomb                                         Has mastered the secret of living, owning life~


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