Channelling ?

I wanted to pin down what happened to me yesterday before age related “fog” attacked in lost moments.

I wake up early and as is my wont, had my usual dose of soul soothing beamed chants along with steaming cup of ginger tea.

Father’s day is still three weeks away on June 21st
But today is Ganesh’s “real” birthday. Planning to have a nice quiet dinner somewhere of his choosing and hoping Chitra can join us.

Now on to yesterday, with above at back of head along with work related “to do list” as am traveling again and wanted to have all in place before I left, to avoid any emergency or such like.

That is when I heard this incessant buzz in my head !

It was quite weird to say the least. Yes I do look a lot like my dear departed elder sis and dad but it was her voice coming through clear and sharp.

She had me ‘deliver a message” which I did with alacrity and the enormous heaviness lifted away quickly.

I am pretty sure I am not nuts. Simply felt strange for a bit. It rather weirded me out.

The walls of our childhood home are rather sharp and clear in mind’s eye today.

I see those smudgy pencilled lines marking our heights. Dad was quite vigilant about our growth-
both physically and mentally as he engaged in daily bouts of mental math
and then those wondrous enunciations
of choice words from the Oxford dictionary that was his bible.

guess loved ones never leave –

They simply grow wings and come visit in times of need, joys and grief or

when they have a burning desire to convey messages.

Am glad this got written as it was in a way an out of body experience even
though less unsettling than those previous times at holy river Ganges’ shores in Haridwar and Rishikesh, India

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