Cat’s Paw

Cat’s-paws: A person used by another as a dupe or tool

Life Observations in tercets

Knowingly have
Become cat’s paw to learn
What make’s another tick

Tricks fell from sleeves one by one
Emptying quivers, my expensive
Lessons set naive mind aquiver

Have forced myself to bend
Backwards, forwards to keep
Spine of mind supple, strong

Users and used are like those
Aggressors and the oppressed
Only time and tide redressed

Fall from grace
Is never a pretty sight
Reality demands strong bellies

I play games with own mind
Becoming doer and the non-doer
Often balancing self on high wire

Have solved riddle of own clock’s
Ticking reason and rhyme, hence
Remain impassively sublime

These days I observe my life’s
Goings on with inner self stationary
Outer shell reacting, emoting

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