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November 16, 2017

Walking down my street noticed droopy flowers and trees delightfully preening putting bounce in my achy steps that were sighing as man and his friend several times over… zipped past yours truly

Boarded bus sweeping 7th ave with twin eyes noticing familiar faces now in various states of progression …pounds heavy lighter as case may be … hair too had receded disavowing ridiculous faces and I took heart at my own sorry self … time’s brush of my hair in generous grey daubs with horrific thinning

tis the thinning of family herd that I take umbrage to…time heavily tolling
…rest is easy to come to terms with

Cooling heels in waiting room test done with flying colors.., waiting for 2nd…

journaling …random mind bits

weatherman drove home time and again that we’ve rain in forecast and he was right as I hear sounds of dawn dripping in drops and drabs amidst slight rustles of autumn leaves still falling intermittently … garden slugs haven’t left any telltale trails and my firm friend Le Squirrel Blanc hasn’t looked in to say hello as yet… guess it’s staying dry somewhere in the backyard perched on a tree….
throwback Thursday it is but I never plan anything…whatever gets tossed in FB land…so it is… my heart and soul dwell on Krishna and this a.m. He decided to stay connected as my cover photo on FB and I happily went along with it.. and as delighted me enjoys this image … mantra chants gradually dissipate the clouds in my being….

two days ago I went grocery shopping and bought a whole slew of fresh veggies.. this part of shopaholic me loves..but now being lazy and domestically disabled I wonder “who is gonna cook them”?

Ganesh is much better than me where taste and texture of food is concerned but having been awake whole of last night watching cricket as India was playing…he is leisurely sauntering in dreamland fast asleep…
have two appointments … hence will get my act together.. grab my rain gear and venture out
still wondering how and when do i tackle my fresh vegetables …any guesses? ..


there is an inexpressible sense of cozy comfort knowing that you’ve fully loved someone who even though no longer a physical presence in your life, still thrives as a crucial part of your mind, your soul and continues to lend impetus to your imaginatively woven scenarios of “what ifs” “if only” speculative tangential wanderings giving daily life an intriguing twist and turn – an intrinsic part of life’s fabric of you as a whole a gamut of speculative permutations ..



sensual memories

sensual memories be it tactile, sound, visual, taste et al usually embed in brain’s synapses and triggered by relatable phenomena surface for pleasurable second helpings

… this morning as I was toasting thin slivers of pumpernickel bagel and olive roll I remembered the time when fresh off the boat in 1974 winter in Cleveland Ohio … I was driven to my first job by a co-worker on cost-sharing basis.

It was either late November or December. Snow was falling rather heavily…chilled to the bone being unaccustomed to such foul weather I was hastily bundled inside the toasty office and Leslie my kind savior took me to the kitchen corner of the office and toasted english muffins in the office toaster and made a fresh pot of coffee ..then she offered me a generously lathered hot english muffin followed by a mug of piping hot java joe…they were an absolute godsend and tasted like heavenly manna…..

hence this memory got imbedded in my head … on thinking back … I would relegate it to second place giving first place undoubtedly to mom’s freshly made paranthas just the way I liked them and later at grandparent’s home …the stuffed tandoori paranthas roasted to perfection in clay tandoors truly tasted heavenly with gobs of churned butter …aroma of freshly roasted breads intermingling with simmering pickles in the winter sun … all conjure a wonderful childhood with homemade lassi and/or
thandaii as the case maybe …. they take first place hands down

* lassi : churned buttermilk and thandaii : cold milk with crushed almonds, poppy seeds, cardamom and saffron etc.. .it is delicious


journaling…telepathic connect…

I’ve been meaning to write about this inexplicable longing to reconnect with a dear friend whom I’d lost touch with since we left Bombay in 1972
….this acute longing suddenly occurred about a month or so ago quite inexplicably and was stridently persistent …so much so that finally to appease the voices in my head and heart … I scoured Facebook with possible name matches etc. hopefully relying on my erring memory
..Luckily I found my friend’s two brothers on Facebook … their dad being a famous much respected lyricist from the golden period of Hindi cinema from yesteryears …
I sent them private messages asking the whereabouts of their sister…
no response for a few weeks… I was feeling rather forlorn and down in the mouth and then suddenly I got a reply from one of them..
He gave me the info I needed and I was immediately in touch with this dear friend from college days… we’d had some great times together and were quite close …
oddly enough my friend Adarsh name Pappu was also remembering me as longingly as I was …it was definitely a Telepathic connect ..otherwise why would I remember her out of the blue after 45 odd years?
strange coincidence to say the least ..we have this saying in Hindi “ dil ko dil ki raaah mil hi jaati hai” meaning heart finds it’s own way eventually …
After connecting over the phone via WhatsApp the first words of a very petulant Pappu angrily came at me were :
“where the hell did you disappear to” I cherish her anger as she cares as deeply as me … and then we filled in the gaps of our separation in retelling and I was deliriously happy ..
one thing that she said repetitiously was how she’d visited our home out of the blue without prior messaging and had met our gentle otherworldly mom ..whom she still remembers distinctly…
.. I think she merely reaffirmed what everyone has said to me so far ..about mom being a very gentle and pure soul.. and I simply miss mom so… to this date..
footnote: I received another message from Pappu’s brother saying “She was really happy to speak to you. Was so animated as she described ur meetings” …
mysterious are the ways of nature.. telepathy and love… Thank you Facebook…images: google

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