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this and that – why not?


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This and that, why not..
Confined in a pleasant longish room i’ve been provided with the following mobility tools: wheel chair, walker, gopher to reach fallen or out of reach stuff and a leg lift tool which is quite handy. Leveraging my right knee on the bed has been a horror ridden near sobbing experience and in the process I’ve developed skinned elbows and overstretched muscles that are so taut that it hurts to giggle. Hence this leg lifter has proved a blessing.
After knowing an office colleague for over a decade one’d guess i’ve a finger on her pulse or what. I received a solicitous email displaying concern and love and soon on its heels, a work related email followed.. Luckily she did not botch it up by putting cart before the horse. Such predictable behavior kind of amuses my virgo persona.
The idiot box provided with the room comes with a dozen preset channels and its take it or leave it kind of deal. I take it in sips only.
The in-charge director of this facility sort of indicated that I could be here for rehab for a month at least.. I immediately countered by saying as long as its medically covered, am okay with that.
This confinement provides a whiff of what great thinkers of their time had to undergo in order to speak the truth sans fear. Its a kind of house arrest even though am here by choice. My right knee sports twenty odd stitches appearing as a garish mouth of an ogre that has been stapled shut . These staples will be removed when knee has more or less fully healed.
My gypsy vagabond spirit feels helplessly tied down but never KO’ed – mind continues to roam at will creating, recreating various scenarios and its permutations laconically.
To be contd.. If I feel like it…



Need no soapbox, pulpit stands.

Scrupulously scrutinizing innards often emerge, wanting.

Have made peace with what is.  why the heck not.

It’s always been about the journey never destinations.

Measuring of self by self is tedious activity and am the queen of lazybones a sobriquet given by dad long time ago.

Life, ultimate teacher helps develop thick skin, stiff upper lip, clear eyes, bright smile and a tongue often teetering on the acerbic ready to fall off the wagon, honed by growing years’ litany of fending off wounding words drawing first blood and so forth…

I am no teacher, merely a ticking time bomb ready to go off in eternal sleep to awaken in a gentler world filled with kindred spirits, goodies of my choice.

Why ever not? no harm in there?

Bina Gupta
age : years 59.99 + shipping and handling

First January 2015

I can offer many platitudes, pros cons and other sops, yet world and events are what they are, and even when I see and hear all the awful news- current and old and even when my eyes and heart get grief laden and I formulate a lot of scathing chides but they all simply fizzle out when I stand before God- only words that come to mind are: You know best what you are up to and
quietly back away, serene and light of heart –
sue me now,
but that’s how it plays out
each and every time

words, words and words

romancing words, they still have the power to undo in such a way that except for ‘feeling tad chagrined, having to eat them from time to time, still being stubborn I feel if I had to do it over, I’d still roundly declare whatever I feel, felt at that given moment honestly instead of hoarding stuff in my heart –
life’s like that and words can and do
move and shake



Vacant Eyes-One sentence story

Vacant Eyes

She sat at the table pecking at the food before her not wanting to waste yet unable to swallow as her eyes became moist today being their sixtieth wedding anniversary and the very day her beloved friend guru and partner had departed on his final journey leaving her at the mercy of their two greedy sons who quickly commandeered all the money and properties and left her alone in the nursing home which her beloved had thoughtfully paid for in advance, planning for the unforeseen as was his wont and her pet peeve and she was happy that he had ignored her and gone ahead and she smiled amidst sobs as her eyes welled up once more.


 Words 117


note: remembered Lady Astor- She suffered badly from a ferocious quarrel over her money, featuring her son and grandson. All of New York, for several months, agonized over the thought that this woman should suffer humiliation. Then she was wafted off to one of her estates and was looked after for the last year of her life, and, one hopes, will not be forgotten.- source internet

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