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dear Neena

matter not
‘cos our parallel
every time
I think of you
and you’re
right there
before me

your birthday
is in two days
… I’ve spit
polished our
memory box
for recollecting
and collectively
our joint
each leaf
has its own
unique fragrant
tint and I shall
lovingly reminisce
upon each one
inching forward
unhurriedly like thick
are sweet on tongue
never sticking like bones
in throat that can
neither be spat
nor swallowed
…they just are …
no more no less
as is…
on your
day I shall
raise a toast
to you
to what you
truly meant to me
cherishing “us”
for what we were
in kinship and love

…stay a bit
until I
my features
in your
I still love
miss you terribly
dear big sis
and do know you
were the only one
I always let
emotionally blackmail

October 28, 2017

Dear Neena :

Happy birthday !

fleeting thoughts
float as feathers…
I fumble they tumble
in my grieving heart’s
chambers as colored
glass in memory’s

you were
the one
who always noticed
in my eyes
broken sobs
in my voice and heart


and shared
your own woes
our floodgates opening
and after our mutual
storms we usually ended
up by insanely

rest in light
in utter peace
you were
dearly loved
and will always
be sorely missed

painting is by Kanchanmala Ghosh, Kolkata

woe is me !


out of sync mind
wants body to chew
overly much….as only thing
intact is my pearly white set
resulting in much to do
in pains and aches
in hitherto newer spots
“morosely” in intermittent
dots and dashes
why can’t
my monkey
mind behave
as it behooves folks
my age with beastly
bodies proverbially flinging
wrenches in my harebrained
capers as planned and ruefully
executed …
energies spent.. life partner
lies supine trying to regain
usual bounce and smile
…beset with guilt I query
why is it you get more tired
when accompanying me as you
walked miles yesterday returning
home with wall to wall smiles?
he replied: you see
interminable steps do me in.. ..
walking for me is a breeze..even
better after couple of drinks
only slopes and steps
make me wheeze
now truly repentant
i slink away without
a peep


48 hours
unceremoniously rained out
perforce we stay indoors
steaming cups of Java
cooking in turns
in easy camaraderie
like worn out jackets
that we’re always loath
to discard ..
parallel companionable
living is all and more it’s
cracked up to be and every time
I need to go out …he hastily raises
his head in a mix of surprise and alarm
which is quite heartwarming reinforcing
my assertion that we truly
belong… seventeen plus years
of togetherness can do that ..
so what if it’s second innings
..we are active players living life
to the hilt ‘cos we are a Hit!

vigil (reworked)

spilling emotions
Held in check
hands steadfastly
Worry beading
for safe passage
palms loosely lying
half shell
Ready to gently cup the bird
Leaving its cage, finally
Love’s strong ties
Never wholly untie
I still see that gentle face
Brows furrowed awaiting
Our safe return and a rush
Of tenderness floods my being
unspooling stiffened
upper lip
and I realize
I too am that patience
stilled and also the beloved
wanderer straying at whim’s

image: google


these days
mind processes
hand dealt
by life solely
calling spade
you unleashed
your frustration
at unfair hand
dealt by life
on my innocent
head that was
so ill-equipped
being constantly
lost in clouds
folded cozily
inside juicy
my brown cheeks
still redden
in these ripe years
in retrospect ..feeling
more outraged than smarting
at sting of contact
I try so hard
to forgive being
a work in progress
but how do I tackle
forty-five years of insomnia
your ultimate Damocles gift
you’d vowed to carry
me away from home
leaving me far far away
from where I could never
return and gullible me never
shut eyes for 45 years
I take scales
out of my quiver
honestly weighing
all the good and harm
meted and come away
disquieted ..failing to forgive
you’ve been gone
many years
I do miss you
as most relationships
are complicated: an admix
of bitter Neem sweet mango
I console myself saying maybe your
harshness had stiffened my spine
a contrary bookworm wild child
making me a strong person
that I now am.. but why does
it still bewilder and hurt ?
I want to square
away all my accounts
owing nothing to anyone
yet feelings and emotions
are hard to oust when they
indelibly scar heart
I haven’t given up yet !

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