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I feel you

when sun
gently kisses
swaying leaves
making them glow
I experience you
upon carefully treading
uneven cobblestones
I espy a tiny slug sliding
unhurriedly..am filled
with the wonder of you

I can wax lyrical.. string poems
with emotional lows highs finely
nuanced even now ..but my
addicted soul craves a hit from
the pure opium that is you
I glance at trees…aimlessly
wandering in fields..taking nibbles
of exquisitely colored skies overhead
and upon seeing earth in downward dog
poses called mountains …I get recharged
let me again feel ..delight in your tiny
soft palm reassuringly curling in mine like
it did long time ago.. let’s babble in toddler talk
once again …allow me this amazing grace my blue
beloved before these maternal sands finally run out

when sun
gently kisses
swaying leaves
making them glow
I experience you


re-living tingles
that’d vibrated
core to pores
I again glance at The Black
Madonna of Montserrat
feeling awed
and blessed all over again …
….two days ago same tingles had
traversed in body upon feasting
my seeker eyes on the majesty
of Lord Ganesha’s form in ebony
ensconced in stately
splendor inside Flushing
New York temple
and joy had washed
over sore joints
as pain receded returning
me to the shores of holy river
Ganges where one dip
had burst open my head
chakra making me giddily
such is
the amazing
of my

woe is me !


out of sync mind
wants body to chew
overly much….as only thing
intact is my pearly white set
resulting in much to do
in pains and aches
in hitherto newer spots
“morosely” in intermittent
dots and dashes
why can’t
my monkey
mind behave
as it behooves folks
my age with beastly
bodies proverbially flinging
wrenches in my harebrained
capers as planned and ruefully
executed …
energies spent.. life partner
lies supine trying to regain
usual bounce and smile
…beset with guilt I query
why is it you get more tired
when accompanying me as you
walked miles yesterday returning
home with wall to wall smiles?
he replied: you see
interminable steps do me in.. ..
walking for me is a breeze..even
better after couple of drinks
only slopes and steps
make me wheeze
now truly repentant
i slink away without
a peep

serrated night

“I love the silent hour of night,
For blissful dreams may then arise,
Revealing to my charmed sight
What may not bless my waking eyes.” ~ Anne Brontë
serrated night
tossing turning
fetal ….
full fledged
in remainder(ed)

second chances

If only… sigh..

I would time travel backwards
Joining birds flying homewards
Undo my childish thoughtlessnesses
Spend time with mom and dad joyously
Studying with zealous drive restoring
twinkles in disappointed “let-down” eyes
Fulfill gilded dreams lovingly loomed for me
Accepting spun woof and warp, not condemning
Drinking all the tonics surreptitiously fed to plants
Gaining strong bones, pink of health thereof
Letting them bask in scholastic performances
Cherishing.. loving without taking them for granted
I’d rewrite my life’s book from prologue
Cover to cover blotting out even the epilogue
Second chances with redeeming second chances
I’d reverse hourglass of my life with alacrity….finally
Extracting pressed rosebud from hidden notebook
recognizing my love stricken Romeo… badly smitten
nurturing..allowing first flush of love to fully bloom
Revisiting agonies of love pangs cruelly suppressed
rejuvenating love’s sapling with shared wonderment
mutual approval stamps from elders making it float
thus airing memories tucked away in mind’s crevices
What ifs, whys troubling thoughts to finally crumble


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