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final diagnosis


Flying the Coop

imprisoned by pain
only mind over matter
will cut my chains

Standing tiptoe
Morning evening I’ve relished
secondhand Bay window views
most days birds atwitter
exuberantly cut patterns
Revealing skies anew
covey of swaying wings
Delightfully unfurl skies
flirting with cloud swell
Bottled moth that I am
I taste freedom’s ice cube
thus in mouth daily
So near so far
That is how life is
Cruelly tantalizing
Promise made yesterday..I too shall
spread my wings sauntering out
cutting chains of own fears’ making

Painting: Dali


Not a jigsaw ….merely
a cluster of frayed bits
aping autumn leaves weaning
Off me ..mild havoc wreaked
by life’s incessant pushing

My white gloves
tint rosily as I gently lift
these bloody bits broken
off of me..gaping holes
Swiss cheese(ing) me

You say why bother
You are fine as is..doing
okay but my finicky Virgo-ness
will only be happy by whole

is an ongoing process
As I lick my wounds
sorely missing
dear departed

image : Freda Kahlo

Let me be..


let me be
THE confusion
in your life

let me be
your sole
joyful noise

let me be
that je ne sais quoi
annoyingly elusive

let me be that curling
steam rising out of your
morning Java cup

let me be
that last thought
knocking your head

Let me be
that hazy form
in your eyes

let me be
that smacking taste
on your lips

let me be
that tantalizing fragrance
wafting in your orbit

let me be
that velcro ditty
ringing in your ears

let me be
THE only confusion
in your life

Let me be
the love of your life
as you’re mine!
image: Pinterest


you silly one
you are simply an organ
crazily beating
often missing beats
going out of sync

go on head
laugh at me
yet love is
what keeps
me going
you are overly
lathered by love
but tis both your saving
grace and downfall
I know ‘cos when I
love..I give it my all
taking a leap
of faith diving

see where it’s gotten
you ..sore of heart ..bruised?
concede ..consult me first
before you go into further forays
driven by foolish rushes
uh huh…not happening
so what if am tad hurt
licking bloody wounds..it’ll
heal …but this heart will
never ever come to heel !
Go on then..be hoist
on petard of your own making
henceforth never come crying to me
when bruised ..cold shouldered..know
world is not what your heart feels
fine… agreed
let me love, fail, love again
get mauled .. tis a reward in itself
my love rivers at will and fear
of hurts will never cause it’s still
let’s part in peace
residing as we do in same beat up
body..you worry over your own topper
I’ll nurse and console myself by myself
solely recalling exhilarating peaks

image: google


tightly hugging self with both arms
i invoke those moments of sheer
bliss of oneness

ingesting vibes from impeccably
enunciated mantras, devotional
songs I recapture buoyancy

gripping this manna with both hands
I anoint myself awash in dawn’s
light, lightened in spirit

inebriated joy is never far …tis simply
a concerted conjure ..loss of self in surrender
..an effulgent diminish..from separation to unity

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