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Mind bent

malleable maybe
pliable not
obdurate maybe
inflexible not
life’s frequent kicks
have honed survivor instincts
such -that sleep awake
I manage to deflect
lethal arrows
aimed my way
or is it the angels
hovering over shoulders
steering to safety
know not ~

She Left, she Stayed II


Bereft, dry eyed I tried to piece My head together Recalling all that your  Gentle eyes, heart’d said~

Your departing words  Were prophetic but being  Your mirror image, I had To go through all the painful Phases to finally arrive at ~

You left, you stayed  My feet slow to full stops  When I see a Madonna’s gentle Visage, so replete with sorrow,  Love and understanding thereof~

Such salving succor soothes  And warms my bewildered Blunderings that I forget  The nicks and cuts rendered By razor tongues, destiny~

Roving countries  Various continents  Had warming encounters  With reaching out, beckoning  Eyes, gently chiding, forgiving~

I feel I’ve arrived  No longer abandoned  Light and warmth that the Church Madonna renders feels Same as the shawl you left behind~

You went, you stayed I was orphaned Not really You still Embrace~

(Feels rather sacred, this meeting~ I have great affinity to all the Madonna(s) I encounter in    various churches during our travels)

Shadow World


Treading in shadows
Thwarted desires’ burdened
Dwelling in nether regions
Stuck in interstices
Between living, dead
Rapacious spirit seeking
Vulnerable hosts who
Have given up the ghost and
Whom fearful, call a “ghost”~
emerging at twilight
neither here nor there
monkey on my back~
image is from internet


Turkey Trip Oct6-22nd 2010 135

Time slithers
Spine folded forwards
Backwards forward

Inseparable lovers
Torn asunder lost
In time’s anomaly

heavens conspire to right
unintentional wrong
destiny gone awry

Lovers tryst
will be kept

time, physical realm

Time slithers
Spine folded forwards
Backwards forward

* Inspired by movie Lake House starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves
-lovers separated by two years – an anomaly of time




They say to get to know self
One must walk a few steps
Away from self

Neck owl twisted, nose
Flattened on soul’s pane I
Dangle at Karma’s windowsill

Shadowy forms glide
Down ribbon(ed) labyrinth,
Ohm mantra crescendos

Feeling awed, confused
I wonder if am at another’s
Incarnated door

Then I hear uplifting notes wafting
From a flute reverently touching
My beloved’s divine lips

Shadows dissipate, heart’s chamber
Glows with a fiery ring halo(ing)
A peacock feather ~

Duality dissolves
Soul flows inside
Fusing to sole entity~

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