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gathering hay


body can
stick a knife
any minute
mind hastily
as it

group travel

binaJuly2014 6106

Travel throws up many
Odd equations catching
off guard, surprising

Seasoned old mellow
Fellow, flowing goatee
Endearing ponytail

Trailing fussy spouse
mother hen, anxiety
Filled pursed mouth

Merry siblings convex
Cheeked, aged wine doled
In sparing proportions

Jolly gentleman, temptingly
Chubby cheeked, I vainly curb
urges to grab, squeeze them!

Smiley, alert other half
Hauling serious camera
Plus accoutrements

Generously endowed nonna
Offers everything she eats,
On overload in nourishments

Smiling rather sparingly
Her honey, an eagle beagle
Lean mean photographer

Sharp as tack retired spook
Great sense of humor; wife
Aged beauty still twinkle eyed

Fun loving jolly crowd
Creating wonderful
Ambience, blithe spirits

Led by insouciant lips ever widened
By cracked jokes spluttering giggly bouts
In cahoots with plump teddy bus driver

those shiny summers


Those halcyon
days of summer
Endless fun, frolic
Carefree breezy
Totally uncomplicated
Gregariously effervescent
Bruises, nicks, runny noses
Spats like cloud bursts
Bouts of laughter
Spirits ever agog
At hitherto not known
Wonders, open mouthed
Joy at granny’s spun tales
Ouija boards flirtations
With ghosts and spirits
Madcap shenanigans
Without answerability
Hormones and self-
Awareness yet
To make entry
Alas for those
Iridescent days
Of endless summers
With mouthwatering
Mangoes, pickle jars
Simmering in the sun
Tandoors roasting
stuffed naans and
roof top romances
ready to click
burgeon amidst
our childish
sniggers and
those exciting
to and fro overnight
journeys in trains
with card games
chai in clay cups
saundhi mitti flavored
water from earthy suraiis
monkeys snatching
food right out of your
hand, scaring living
daylights and then
*soundhi mitti – pleasant earthy smell after rain; Suraii : earthen clay water-pot*
~image is from internet

Festival of colors – Holi


in color
of Holi~
to gloss over
make hay~
carte blanche in fist
Rainbows in disarray~
plays of wrist~
instant fixes~
bhang mixings
euphoric trite
all imbibed
in holi(fic)
*Image is from internet~    Bhang is a beverage made from leaves
and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant,
consumed as a beverage in the Indian subcontinent.
**Holi: festival of colors in India – in celebration of the triumph of good over evil~


Island Intrigue(d)


Discombobulated   Bearings gone missing, daydreamers’ Lot – with zero road  and self-guiding senses

Childish heart always got baited in these  Lush islands by glitzy kitsch spread in cahoots  With deep aquamarine seas’ spewed largesse

Frustrated by amiable mate’s hurrying ways, nay says  To cool squelches of tired feet in sandy beaches other than   His hush moments of involuntary drool at the sight of hats

And then….a flash of skin,   Fins ….visible undulation from right eyes’  Left corners, adroitly hooked by both of us

Shaving off time we stood entranced by a small grotto pond  Sloughing off fatigue, dipping in serenity’s font while attempting  To steal a schmear of iridescence off the koi in eternal dance~


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