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woke up with morning ragas
emanating from the backyard..
cloudy eyes from yesterday’s
maudlin thoughts have finally
dissipated …
…..there is something
so pure about beautifully enunciated
“chants” as they awaken the kundalini
of my somnambulant consciousness
washed down by first piping cup of morning
tea as I plan a busy day with much to do
without too much ado about “nothings”

…when body wants to cave in..I prod
it mercilessly as I cannot afford to
be a basket case ever… there’s lively
embers still left in this feisty do or die spirit



re-living tingles
that’d vibrated
core to pores
I again glance at The Black
Madonna of Montserrat
feeling awed
and blessed all over again …
….two days ago same tingles had
traversed in body upon feasting
my seeker eyes on the majesty
of Lord Ganesha’s form in ebony
ensconced in stately
splendor inside Flushing
New York temple
and joy had washed
over sore joints
as pain receded returning
me to the shores of holy river
Ganges where one dip
had burst open my head
chakra making me giddily
such is
the amazing
of my


48 hours
unceremoniously rained out
perforce we stay indoors
steaming cups of Java
cooking in turns
in easy camaraderie
like worn out jackets
that we’re always loath
to discard ..
parallel companionable
living is all and more it’s
cracked up to be and every time
I need to go out …he hastily raises
his head in a mix of surprise and alarm
which is quite heartwarming reinforcing
my assertion that we truly
belong… seventeen plus years
of togetherness can do that ..
so what if it’s second innings
..we are active players living life
to the hilt ‘cos we are a Hit!


…days melt like ice cubes in my hot mouth as puffed cheeks blow out stale breath in staccato moves… things that move me are seen with heart … mind always taking back seat…..
the patterns made by gawky foal like dawn’s rays hitting net curtains patterning our parquet floors … all that is fleeting and exquisite makes my day …wisps of steam escaping tea kettle painfully whistling my name … and finally that perfect cup of tea with biscuit creating a spool of harmony…

Lisbon, Portugal



sorrow in my eyes
Not deter
do stay awhile
your woes
our hearts
May mend
heal together
one never


Painting: Elayaraja

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