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in own zone

Eclectic chants
swirl dust motes
around head

Morning air
unfurling it’s palms
Sieving dawn’s

glowing effulgence
as pain replete body
Limbs finally catch-on

keeping time

Music heals
now fully

as alerted pores
in ovations


me in a rare



dead of night
is my time
I reacquaint myself
with self cradling
inner uproar
mirrors fill with crushing sadness
strong family resemblance leaches
joy resoundingly bringing home
the fact… they are no more
Still…. in this still witching hour
neither night nor morning …sounds
of faint footfalls make me aware
they continuously stroll in my heart
Freda Kahlo

Let me be..


let me be
THE confusion
in your life

let me be
your sole
joyful noise

let me be
that je ne sais quoi
annoyingly elusive

let me be that curling
steam rising out of your
morning Java cup

let me be
that last thought
knocking your head

Let me be
that hazy form
in your eyes

let me be
that smacking taste
on your lips

let me be
that tantalizing fragrance
wafting in your orbit

let me be
that velcro ditty
ringing in your ears

let me be
THE only confusion
in your life

Let me be
the love of your life
as you’re mine!
image: Pinterest


you silly one
you are simply an organ
crazily beating
often missing beats
going out of sync

go on head
laugh at me
yet love is
what keeps
me going
you are overly
lathered by love
but tis both your saving
grace and downfall
I know ‘cos when I
love..I give it my all
taking a leap
of faith diving

see where it’s gotten
you ..sore of heart ..bruised?
concede ..consult me first
before you go into further forays
driven by foolish rushes
uh huh…not happening
so what if am tad hurt
licking bloody wounds..it’ll
heal …but this heart will
never ever come to heel !
Go on then..be hoist
on petard of your own making
henceforth never come crying to me
when bruised ..cold shouldered..know
world is not what your heart feels
fine… agreed
let me love, fail, love again
get mauled .. tis a reward in itself
my love rivers at will and fear
of hurts will never cause it’s still
let’s part in peace
residing as we do in same beat up
body..you worry over your own topper
I’ll nurse and console myself by myself
solely recalling exhilarating peaks

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morning has broken

morning has broken

gradually tinting
insides in color
morning tea
trips in drips
upturned face
cuts into steadily
flooding saffron beam
off-kilter spirit
finds own groove
gently eases
into.. finally

outside dawn
serenity’s cloak
homing in…


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