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going for the jugular
I throttle
inner darknesses
rendering full throttle
to the lightness
of my being

when was one
apart from the other
I query of myself
ever fascinated
by life’s chiaroscuro

Fatigue sloughed rested
mind is no longer arrested
and creaky bone joints visualize
benign tai chi as i daintily sip
chai tea make believing
tis a smoking joint ..

there is something
calming to awake
in “me time” when it’s
neither night nor day
in-betweens are always
heavy with possibilities

Nowadays I live
with hope in one hand
never say die attitude
in other ..karma’s chips
may fall where they must
bonhomie stays inviolate

my musings amuse lazybones
part of me as I habitually peruse
“to do” lists good intentions
forming fizzling simultaneously
on account of the premise tomorrow
“there’ll be nothing to look forward to”

I so enjoy
being both
witness (sakshi)
and view
cogs and browsers
in my head going
cha-ching !

going for the jugular
I throttle
inner darknesses
rendering full throttle
to the lightness
of my being

photograph: Olive Cotton circa 1935

Palm prints

Firmly believing in living
Largely with what’s in hand
I no longer knit brows
browse in real earnest
At own palm prints
foretelling what may
Or mayn’t come
on it
I rub palms
Each living moment
as I am
a human BEing
I am relearning
the art of
simply BEing
in the
as is

Painting : -Jupiter in Virgo is by Rene Magritte


up in dead of night
i hear the fast thud
of our home’s heartbeat

walls titter coming alive
argumentatively comparing
their framed fripperies

creak and moan
for attention
then as my heartbeat
fills my throat i hear soft
footfalls descending…..

our evenly pulsing
walls made vibrant and
alive by us during daytime
come night fall
turn mysterious
gripped by shadows

I hear their heartbeat
loudly thumping
under cover of night
stillness of my “me” time
is thus rent by staccato
pounding of my own heartbeat


Cheery light brightens
precarious hold on life
days slip off as rings
from oily fingers
nowadays skinning time
hulling redundancies
we gingerly suck
upon truth kernels
feet eagerly twitch
in tandem with restless
legs aligning with gypsy
heart’s clarion call
in ten plus two days once
again we’ll play by the rules
emptying pockets at airports
with excited.. blasé looks

image: internet

Sept. 2, 2017

this month
marking another’s year’s
passing like a hare
and a slug..leaving trails…
entrails of time ill-spent
even though well-meant
I toss turn
body as if marinating bowled
salad and as the prongs
of the tongs prod
my laziness
I silently
“get a life!”

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