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Face Off ? on?

how do I face
self in mirrored
appearances ?
90% dead ringer
of dear departed
dad, siblings
sighs escape
from parted lips
I share
what makes
me tick
schtick, tickles
of mind, spirit
heart’s cockles
on daily basis
I awl scalpel ego
crimson persona
obdurate rotund form
continue face-offs
beloved is ongoing
par for the course
never off course
am DNA’ed

you, me, us

we wear
us as one
in our individual

you bring unstated
love to our table
I ..my headlong
gushes warmly
gurgling, uber tactile

thus we spend
our sunset years
feet dangling
at eternity’s ledge
when at rest

two vagabonds
full of restlessness
in soul, unbridled
curiosity to world
at large rove

bitten by cabin fever
more times than not
we psyche our beaten
bones to “man up”
ready, steady go!

thus we neither bide
time nor grim reaper
thumbing our noses
at both, tweaking
theirs instead….

love is love
it dons shape
per individual
forms..our moulds
were possibly thrown!

we wear
us as one
in our individual


April 1st 2017

Today brings no joy
My face closes shut
a good soak

Of emotional
Highs lows
Run gamut

You’ve left
yet you adhere
In sighs of regrets
Panned joys

Had you
Lived you’d
Have been full
of pride and joy

Your herd
has flourished
By love…

Ever thankful
For in hand I gently
release you as I did
before in holy waters

I hope
your soul
Is finally at peace
Burdens load-shed

I bid adieu
once more
On this first day of April
When you were born


mixed nuts

From a family
of mixed nuts
this face

sensory memories

grieving smiling
in turns I recall
her tiny quick
culinary fixes
and suddenly
my morning
takes on an extra
glow as if I was
with her…..
pressing another
head of a clove
with index thumb
into my second
cuppa already
cardamon flavored
I smile and weep
in returns…a love like
ours has a life of it’s own
I’ve tried to drown my sorrows in tea, but they are strong swimmers……
image : internet

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