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my beloved country

O my beautiful
adopted home
I look at you
in pieces
to succor
it hurts
heart grieves
at so many
body blows
and bruises
I keep you in my prayers
gently cradling
in soft palms
as heart sends forth
healing vibes ‘cos I care
very much

God Bless America

second chances

If only… sigh..

I would time travel backwards
Joining birds flying homewards
Undo my childish thoughtlessnesses
Spend time with mom and dad joyously
Studying with zealous drive restoring
twinkles in disappointed “let-down” eyes
Fulfill gilded dreams lovingly loomed for me
Accepting spun woof and warp, not condemning
Drinking all the tonics surreptitiously fed to plants
Gaining strong bones, pink of health thereof
Letting them bask in scholastic performances
Cherishing.. loving without taking them for granted
I’d rewrite my life’s book from prologue
Cover to cover blotting out even the epilogue
Second chances with redeeming second chances
I’d reverse hourglass of my life with alacrity….finally
Extracting pressed rosebud from hidden notebook
recognizing my love stricken Romeo… badly smitten
nurturing..allowing first flush of love to fully bloom
Revisiting agonies of love pangs cruelly suppressed
rejuvenating love’s sapling with shared wonderment
mutual approval stamps from elders making it float
thus airing memories tucked away in mind’s crevices
What ifs, whys troubling thoughts to finally crumble


vigil (reworked)

spilling emotions
Held in check
hands steadfastly
Worry beading
for safe passage
palms loosely lying
half shell
Ready to gently cup the bird
Leaving its cage, finally
Love’s strong ties
Never wholly untie
I still see that gentle face
Brows furrowed awaiting
Our safe return and a rush
Of tenderness floods my being
unspooling stiffened
upper lip
and I realize
I too am that patience
stilled and also the beloved
wanderer straying at whim’s

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grief, joy

happiness stays
in sunbursts like a burst of daffodils
momentarily ..wilting away stealthily
grief stays true to form
hugging your form
enveloping insides
faithfully belonging
saying “you can count on me as long as you want me to”
and I sigh and say “thank you” ‘cos tis way better to FEEL…..than be indifferent …

coming undone

there is
a certain beauty
in coming apart
when you’re at the edge
and go over
you’re never quite the same
what went over
what returned
are different
and as the knife
twists turns
on other side of heartbreak
the shiny patina
overwhelming grief
magic wands’ everything
you see ….experience…
feelings have newer nuances
pain exquisitely reshaping
the depth
in your
and m’dear
may or may not
beget you
you went
over the edge
and that’s
for you
in this

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