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tightly hugging self with both arms
i invoke those moments of sheer
bliss of oneness

ingesting vibes from impeccably
enunciated mantras, devotional
songs I recapture buoyancy

gripping this manna with both hands
I anoint myself awash in dawn’s
light, lightened in spirit

inebriated joy is never far …tis simply
a concerted conjure ..loss of self in surrender
..an effulgent diminish..from separation to unity

cicada’s cry

In the cicada’s cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die.
— Matsuo Bash?

walking on pavements
head usually looks down
more than upwards ..mindful
about stepping on life underfoot
tis so easy to snuff out life
yet impossible
to resurrect taken……
albeit heavy in weight, feet tread
daintily on cobblestones ..as earth
too can get bruised when stomped
upon… thus I live and shut eyes
at day’s passing … perchance
to dream of gentler normal life
where “word” held sway
and lies were just that never
alternate facts ..am simple minded
that way

morning has broken

morning has broken

gradually tinting
insides in color
morning tea
trips in drips
upturned face
cuts into steadily
flooding saffron beam
off-kilter spirit
finds own groove
gently eases
into.. finally

outside dawn
serenity’s cloak
homing in…


2 to 1

When world sleeps
I return
To my beginnings
As steam rises from
Fresh brew
I step into myself
Making my journey
From two
That is


these days
mind processes
hand dealt
by life solely
calling spade
you unleashed
your frustration
at unfair hand
dealt by life
on my innocent
head that was
so ill-equipped
being constantly
lost in clouds
folded cozily
inside juicy
my brown cheeks
still redden
in these ripe years
in retrospect ..feeling
more outraged than smarting
at sting of contact
I try so hard
to forgive being
a work in progress
but how do I tackle
forty-five years of insomnia
your ultimate Damocles gift
you’d vowed to carry
me away from home
leaving me far far away
from where I could never
return and gullible me never
shut eyes for 45 years
I take scales
out of my quiver
honestly weighing
all the good and harm
meted and come away
disquieted ..failing to forgive
you’ve been gone
many years
I do miss you
as most relationships
are complicated: an admix
of bitter Neem sweet mango
I console myself saying maybe your
harshness had stiffened my spine
a contrary bookworm wild child
making me a strong person
that I now am.. but why does
it still bewilder and hurt ?
I want to square
away all my accounts
owing nothing to anyone
yet feelings and emotions
are hard to oust when they
indelibly scar heart
I haven’t given up yet !

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