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April 1st 2017

Today brings no joy
My face closes shut
a good soak

Of emotional
Highs lows
Run gamut

You’ve left
yet you adhere
In sighs of regrets
Panned joys

Had you
Lived you’d
Have been full
of pride and joy

Your herd
has flourished
By love…

Ever thankful
For in hand I gently
release you as I did
before in holy waters

I hope
your soul
Is finally at peace
Burdens load-shed

I bid adieu
once more
On this first day of April
When you were born



pandora’s box
has gradually released
sleeper furies hibernating
under rocks…..
sudden feeling
of choking
has taken

vagabond spirt is chomping
harder at the bit being
that Roman gypsy longing
for amiable shores


that’s my time
day rests on haunches
magic self launches
walls and stairs
rest listening ears
fears weave
in out of lairs
lattice enchantingly
bringing to fruition
abject longings
yes night-
my time





a letter

Dear Neena:

today is your birthday once again and even though physically gone, your spirit stays firmly tied never having left….
Eyes get misty again and again as I now fully value your timely, untimely “whatsapp’ phone calls coupled with unsolicited advice…
we had a plethora of shared history being bound by blood ties and we could always let our guards down and be our true selves
sharing joys, sorrows and pet peeves….
Torn asunder from cozy cocoon of both elder siblings I now feel “armless” and utterly bereft…
Pray tell me:
who should I now call?
who should I share my heart with?
do know you are mightily missed
dearest sis
and today on your birthday
I wish and hope for you
utter bliss
and happiness wherever
your soul
may have replanted
having reincarnated
Happy Birthday Neena…


Thank you and Goodbye

Dear Readers:

It is time to wrap up this website which will be taken down on August 31st i.e next month.

I truly appreciate your taking the time to read my scribbles all these years.

Reasons for this decision are mainly age and health issues plus continued maintenance is now an unnecessary expense especially as I’ve finally retired from work.

Once again, thank you very much


with warm regards

bina gupta


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