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woe is me !


out of sync mind
wants body to chew
overly much….as only thing
intact is my pearly white set
resulting in much to do
in pains and aches
in hitherto newer spots
“morosely” in intermittent
dots and dashes
why can’t
my monkey
mind behave
as it behooves folks
my age with beastly
bodies proverbially flinging
wrenches in my harebrained
capers as planned and ruefully
executed …
energies spent.. life partner
lies supine trying to regain
usual bounce and smile
…beset with guilt I query
why is it you get more tired
when accompanying me as you
walked miles yesterday returning
home with wall to wall smiles?
he replied: you see
interminable steps do me in.. ..
walking for me is a breeze..even
better after couple of drinks
only slopes and steps
make me wheeze
now truly repentant
i slink away without
a peep

Amritsar memories …

Starry Night Drawing by Van Gogh


Beyond five star hotel’s wildest claims
a freshly made bed under myriads of stars
Is that priceless neck piece highlighting childhood’s
precious pearls strung in memory’s summers
Lying face up awed by glowing clusters overhead
chatter of whispered juicy gossip would fade and we’d
try to name the constellations rolling their names in Hindi
/ Punjabi and then comfortably in English
staccato whistling bursts from nearby railway lines
would puncture night’s cool quietude adding to it’s
choir of sound bytes intoned by three generations
as they settled down during torrid summer’s nights
…loving diamonds in the sky overhead I equally enjoyed
the light and dark patterns thrown in relief as crafted
by errant rays as they hit the pygmy grilled roof walls
rising from knee high concrete mosaic patterned
platforms in the roof for comfortable viewing
another purpose served was for lazily lowering empty rattan baskets with cash for buying freshly baked sweet rolls lathered in homemade butter as morning snacks with teas from the much sought baker who covered all the souks and by-lanes hawking his mouthwatering flavorful goods…
we’d always be on the lookout for him and with swift feet run down the stairs from the roof halting only when feet landed on the wooden platform next to grandpa’s stoop steps as we sat dangling our feet ..tiny mouths drooling in sweet anticipation eager for those aromatic freshly baked rolls… I can still sense that unique aroma as it hit our childish nostrils melting in our mouths amidst cries of joy
… on the roof one corner of that low platform also held that ubiquitous family sized earthen water jug…if water can be termed delicious then that is how I recall it’s taste …a drink from that “surahii” jug..was pure manna made by co- mingling of hand pumped water and freshly kilned clay jug giving it that unique strong earthy flavor that could slake the thirstiest throat
….there are so many memories milling in my greying topper as I live day to day swaying in time’s past tense and present tense’s hammock utterly relaxed ..catching life’s straight and..curved balls in my serenity’s mitt ..fully cognizant of where I was and where I now am
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Cheery light brightens
precarious hold on life
days slip off as rings
from oily fingers
nowadays skinning time
hulling redundancies
we gingerly suck
upon truth kernels
feet eagerly twitch
in tandem with restless
legs aligning with gypsy
heart’s clarion call
in ten plus two days once
again we’ll play by the rules
emptying pockets at airports
with excited.. blasé looks

image: internet


48 hours
unceremoniously rained out
perforce we stay indoors
steaming cups of Java
cooking in turns
in easy camaraderie
like worn out jackets
that we’re always loath
to discard ..
parallel companionable
living is all and more it’s
cracked up to be and every time
I need to go out …he hastily raises
his head in a mix of surprise and alarm
which is quite heartwarming reinforcing
my assertion that we truly
belong… seventeen plus years
of togetherness can do that ..
so what if it’s second innings
..we are active players living life
to the hilt ‘cos we are a Hit!

journaling….fetters …

mind truly baulks at being tied to anything yet I feel like a fraud when I do want the strength of a firm back to lean against and not feel frightened at night… a firm pillow simply doesn’t cut it… .. spoon fed most of my growing years and later after being holy-knot-hogtied to another for the first time … I never knew what true freedom meant… even my thoughts seemed as if they were in bondage … there was no sense of being absolutely free …like we did in our childhood ..running barefoot ..screaming like banshees and scaring one another …jumping off from high ground on dares…whatnot… ..
Now in my 2nd innings… since past 17+ years or so I’ve finally come into my own..doing what I please save for those working years which were a typical admix of awful to good … for in real estate you spend time swimming with sharks and if you’re a minnow…only god can help you… lol…mercifully am retired now unequivocally .. ..
being answerable to none except my conscience is a state to be in and I love this total immersion …finally allowed me… .. life is truly cyclical and now for me magical …

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