catch phrases


“don’t let your past mar your future, make it a part of what you wish to become”

lines from TV serials/movies at times stay with me forcing introspection and won’t let me be until I process them fully. Another “aha” line was “the sight of you makes me come alive” – how wonderful it must be to feel like that -isn’t it? I thought about it and wondered when did I come fully alive?

I love travelling despite the discomfort and pain due to normal age related wear and tear but everything pales into insignificance when I nestle in the cozy lap of nature drinking in its glorious beauty – its like “frozen music” as well as a cleansing experience as its molts away my city scales grown in self preservation.

Besides nature even ordinary sights take my breath away with their feel good feels. Early morning risers walking their pets half asleep being dragged on by eager pets, frisky babies in strollers goofily smiling while their Caribbean nannies gossip away in their cozy island talks, kids playing catch ball and above all when I Skype and talk to my grandkids. Amiable moments with Ganesh when we are not arguing or sulking about this or that, a piece of writing or poetry that simply takes your breath away with its cerebral and emotional depth touching heart and soul.

My cherished moments are early a.m. ones before even our back yard stirs and it is then that I have me to me one hundred percent. I listen to music that stirs my soul to reacquaint myself with me, basking in utter peace that I usually feel but not as fully as this. In my hand of course is my favorite perfectly brewed cup of tea.

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