catch in throat


Image of this furry mass with a cute face
Albeit never confronted face to face,
brought a catch in throat
A feeling of wonder stole in eyes at this
gorgeous beast surviving months in vast
Expanses of glaciers, bone chilling ice
Memories of being chased by its dark
Cousin Grizzly mama bear still conjure
Heart pounding leaps in mouth
Elegantly crafted birds beasts roaming freely
In own milieu are like eclectic nature’s etchings
As barred zoo animals languish in captivity
Nature with its wondrous cornucopia of rivers
Canyons, waterfalls, odd geological formations
Elate heart reverberating as arias of frozen music
One feels close to the creator,
His creations and his multifaceted
Being in all his/ her resplendent glory
Am home


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