Carpe Diem


Jaw of determination
Was readied to carpe diem
One resolution of many, swept under~

Clamping such a one
Hand in hand, we two, do or die kids
He, no more pepper, only salt headed
And I more colored pepper with
Glimpses of salt, winced and minced
Our way down into the gaping third story
Down netherworld subway platform

A cute as button two year old
With a smart mommy lessened
The pained glazed looks in our sweaty
Faces when I spied this more than obese
Less than gross, whale of a tale teenager
Dressed in Justin Bieber black Tee and
Bermudas with a wide band on wrist
Shouting “Carpe Diem” in bold letters even as
Her ample hips swayed to the music in-boxed
By her red budded ears

Egressing in a pocket Chinese enclave
where all denominations of people
Mostly lean and spare, rushed about with no time
To spare, in a hurry to get to wherever they
Were headed except for that one Chinese dad
And son on stoop steps, trying to capture some
Breeze in this sultry neither here nor there dog day
Afternoon and who was inordinately pleased
With Ganesh’s cheery greetings; guess no one
Had done that to them before~

Another accomplished chore under our belts
We took a bus home and the air conditioning
Was quite divine and then I noticed fallen ochre
Leaves, life juices sucked out – when did green
Lush leaves prune to curly yellow withering
When did summer happen and now is retreating
Spring sprang and is a distant memory, summer
Is on way out and fall is ready to bloom in color-
Bursts of fiery morning, evening skies
Seasons and living life moments change
And we too edge towards molting of present
Housings shadow ferrying to a new casing
And the karmic cycle goes on~

image is from internet


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