can love be passé

can writing about love be passé tad overdone? no, never

there is so much to love,

a veritable Smörgåsbord in sights, sounds, emotions, songs, poems and all those beating hearts that resound with love in all its more than fifty shades –

everything has an aching beauty that makes my eyes smart involuntarily, heartbeats quicken, catches in my throat choking as I silently clap and weep at same time-

such is life’s bounty-

we are all brigands of love in its splendored glory made keener when its lost and found- there is an innate joy in everything

Even when stuck in a pitiful morass of depression, I found a firefly –
a tremulous feeling of hope as I grabbed that last straw and
fumbled my way back to life –
I am a diehard romantic
hopelessly in love with life
longing to bid goodbye
as every ending is a new
adventure in the making


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