Bruised n broken
Dejected n rejected
I cried why

This rain of uncalled for
Verbal physical hurled abuse
I cried why

I was same as always
Loving n giving, you were not
I cried why

What changed you
What demons rode you
I cried why

Bruised n broken
Cringing n curling
I cried why

You lashed vituperations
Your hands smarted
My spirit cringed, cried why

Abuse in any shape n form
Had no place in our lives
What drove you- I cried why

My life with you flashed by
Shared joy has turned to sawdust
Our lives together now a bust

In shame I hide my plight
For mortifications of suffering
Your abuse, I cried why

Tomorrow is another day
Recriminations appeal not
Have to start over, no rehash

I no longer ask why

Bruised n broken
I gather n stitch pieces of self
To start over

Chin up
With dignity
I thumb my nose

I no longer ask why!!!

 The only cure for contempt is counter-contempt.
H. L. Mencken
1880-1956, American Editor, Author, Critic, Humorist

A fly may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other is a horse still.
Samuel Johnson
1709-1784, British Author



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