Brooklyn- My Home

Coops, condos, coops, condos, a house

A one family, a two family, a penthouse

A ranch, a Victorian, an old brownstone

All I wish for, is an abode of my very own

A five hundred plus foot square by square

A cozy little den with a big comfy armchair

A fistful of blue sky and a patch of leafy green

All will infuse life to my dreams n a lovely sheen

Prospect Park West, Park Slope and Kensington

Windsor Terrace and Carroll Gardens, all beckon

Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Sunset Park, Clinton Hill,

All these hoods are quite savory and give me a thrill

New York, city of dreams, five suburbs, a wonderful skyline

Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island are fine

But my heart is set on one, only one corner and that beckons

Of all the five boros that make New York, and that is Brooklyn!

Prospect Park, Public Library, Museum, Botanical Gardens

Academy of Music, Grand Army Plaza, and lovely Fountains

Food Coop, shops, restaurants, churches, schools with griffin

All have a distinct flavor and I wish with all my heart to fit in

Coops, condos, coops, condos, a house I need

A fistful of blue sky, a patch of verdant green

An abode of my own is my wish that is quite ardent

And now I will achieve this through a competent agent!!!




We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us

Author: Winston churchill,, 1874- 1965, Bristish Statesman, Prime Minister






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