Brain versus Brawn

Two brothers strong
Argued all day long
Who had more courage
Right from young age


As adults took up a challenge
Prize money their  weekly wage
Younger one decided to go first
At night to graveyard traverse

Smart frail elder to younger bro spook
Followed him with horror music to nuke
The efforts valiant by this enfant terrible
Giggling with mirth and inward chortle

The brat did a double take frightened
Swishing sound of ghosts envisioned
Scary music sounds were the final straw
Soon false bravado congealed in his craw

Sprinting as if chased by Hounds of Baskerville
Ghostly sounds still following in mournful wails
Actually his pajama legs made swishing sounds
That had scared him silly and toppled his crown

Elder brother thus won this war without a fight
Younger one bowed before elder’s wit n might
A sacrificial lamb was he at altar of silly pranks
This moment is a monument in memory banks


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