Book Shelf

Following verses are a humble tribute to a tremendous emotionally charged poem on
Neglected Books heard in Urdu/hindi by Gulzar Sahib on TV

Accusing eyes
wistful glances
Sighing heavily
Trying to catch my eye
as I breeze by smitten
by digital Facebook’s blow
by blow Statuses updated

from budding
to Solid, complicated
all blurted out
on social media

Gone are days
of pounding, heart
stopping moments
when books were deliberately
dropped, notes surreptitiously
Exchanged for clandestine

Sheer romance of it
has gone a begging
Replaced by
Blatant boldness
In the face declarations
Paucity of imagination
currently ruling

Fancy artistic
dust jackets
dog eared underlined
secret coded
allure of illicit

taboo topics
potboilers, banned
books hidden
from prying eyes
taste of paper
by saliva moistened
fingers turning pages

Treasured mementos
fragrances hidden in pages
pressed petals, flowers,
hastily penned notes
Potent romantic brew
Sadly lost these days
due to digital notebooks



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