Book Of Life

Between The Sheets’ Glossed!

In retrospection
Careful inspection
Freely embraced
Some memories
Discarded others
Mental lobotomy
Performed cauterizing
The Bleeding unhealed
Leaving only few
As reminders and
Warnings for the
Balance years

Pleasant moments
Now released from
Captivity enlightening
The jealously guarded
Precious moments
To celebrate life
Guiltlessly- freely
No more recriminations
Selfish accusations
My time has come
To be what I am
Out of the closet
Of my own making
Ready to enjoy the
Manna of life
As was meant to be with
Gay abandon maybe faulty
But that is after all
The unique
Unvarnished ME
As Is for what its
Worth- time wise
Was expensive
Yet now My Time
Has Come
To Be ME
Is it the Prefix or
The Suffix
The Prologue of
The epilogue
Between The Sheets
Of My Life
Glossed over albeit
Dimmed over by Time
But have promised self
To enjoy and bite into
My life’s apple
With gusto!



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